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Breaking the glass ceiling with glass

June 05, 2020

This Women's Day, we are not celebrating the privilege of being a woman. Rather, we are celebrating her entity of being an equal – nothing more, nothing less. Because, a woman does not need special favours; she earns her place and carves her own niche.

Today, we are finally, or almost, at a juncture where one gender is not superior over the other. We all have our place under the Sun and how best we balance each other for the better, the better we make our lives to be. Which is why, the International Women's Day theme for 2019 #BalanceForBetter could not be more appropriate to ensure gender parity and a gender-balanced better world. 

Last year, when the thrust was on #BeBoldForChange, we helped question gender stereotypes with our product SGG Planilaque Petal Pink, that urged people to rethink Pink and perceive it as the colour of progress, power and empowerment. Every time Petal Pink was used in a project, part of its sale proceeds were contributed by the Saint-Gobain India Foundation (SGIF) to the education of a girl child. 

This year, in keeping with #BalanceForBetter, we have gone beyond Petal Pink and added a palette that justifies the concept of balance – Pastels! What does one do to offset a room full of bold colours? Throw in some pastels for good measure, of course! Pastels have that rare ability to bring balance to spaces that are filled with bright, bold tones. They are soothing to the senses and create an ambience of calm with their sheer presence. So along with Petal Pink, the SGG Planilaque Pastels range comprises Sky Blue, Lemon Yellow and Aquamarine – colours that you will agree, are completely gender neutral. 

While we have added more colours to the palette, what has remained unchanged, is our initiative to continue educating the girl child. When any or all of the shades from the SGG Planilaque Pastels series find use in a project, part of the sales will be set aside for girl child education. Because, although considerable headway has been made in empowering women that we have come to a point where balance, and not feminism is being mooted, the fact remains that educating the girl child is still work in progress. And to achieve 100% literacy of children, we as a society - irrespective of male or female - have to play a proactive part.  

So, let's bat for #BalanceForBetter with SGG Planilaque Pastels, not just this Women's Day, but all the year through. Because, sometimes it takes glass to actually break the glass ceiling.