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Coloured glass for office interior design – grey matters!

June 05, 2020

It’s a place where grey cells take center-stage. It’s where one takes initiative, seizes opportunities and leaves no stone unturned to leave a unique stamp. It’s a domain where one leads subordinates, and follows values. It’s a place that helps to keep pace and gets one going; it’s a space that lets one just be….

Yes, we are talking about the workspace, the office! It’s an arena where one gets to be creative & innovative, so it’s only fair that we let it be that way as well…isn’t it?!

Talking of Grey cells at work, Grey sells too! And how?! Grey brings in a rare sophistication, having neither the aggression of black nor the blandness of white. Its soft, light muted shades emanate a soothing, calm ambience. Grey is about strength; it makes a solid, silent statement. It is unobtrusive, does not distract, and yet, has a presence of its own. Just the kind of colour one would prefer to have around, when at work! Simply put, in the work space, Grey certainly works.

At Saint-Gobain Glass, we understand the need to blend different shades with different spaces. Which is why, we have introduced the Planilaque series, a range of coloured, lacquered glass that meets an array of diverse needs. This collection of premium glass is manufactured using the high-end lacquer on glass process. Highly durable, it is resistant to heat and humidity. As an environment-friendly glass, it does not contain VOC, lead, copper, formaldehyde or arsenic. It is opaque, ensures colour consistency and has a superior finish that makes it hygienic and hassle-free to maintain.

SGG Planilaque can be easily and quickly installed. As an ideal interior decoration & furnishing product, it comes with a wide variety of applications. Some of these include interior wall paneling, decorative panels, cladding for cabinet & wardrobe doors, internal doors & sliding doors. It can also be used in showcases, furniture, writing boards, and even washrooms!

The SGG Planilaque has an attractive palette of 10 colours and the Titanium Grey has been designed to be perfectly in sync with office interiors. Now get together the quiet dignity of Grey and the sacred space of work. You will see that the two blend seamlessly, creating a fine fusion of sorts. The Grey glass is all about exuding a cool attitude, without being loud or garish.

Grey, being a neutral colour, can team up with any bright accent of furniture or accessories. Its low tones can complement the more vibrant colours to create a startling effect. It can do wonders to brightly coloured red workstations and bold black furniture. Add a touch of silver in the interiors and Titanium Grey can make the office at once contemporary & elegant.

So, go ahead and add more class with the Titanium Grey glass, because shades of grey have never been more positive!!