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Explore Shatterproof Mirrors as Design Elements

January 02, 2024
Last updated on April 15, 2024

Use of mirror on the façade of Cairns Botanic Gardens Visitors
Use of mirror on the façade of Cairns Botanic Gardens Visitors’ Centre

Glass is a versatile material and mirrors are its equally versatile extension. Mirrors offer a near-endless potential to transform spaces, both practically as well as aesthetically. Today, mirrors are not limited to bedrooms and washrooms alone and can be incorporated into every aspect of design.

Saint-Gobain's Miralite Revolution and Mirasafe prove this with their platter of shatterproof technologies and a variety of decor solutions.

Application of Miralite and Mirasafe mirrors
Application of Miralite and Mirasafe mirrors (Source - https://mx.saint-gobain-glass.com/es-MX/sgg-miralite-revolution)

Mirasafe mirrors are sturdy, elegant and come with a shatterproof shield, which is essential for any zone that comes under direct human contact. Their sharp reflections, coupled with a safety layer, make them suitable for both indoors and outdoors. It is possible to cut these mirrors into any geometric or non-geometric shape and fix them to any surface as they can be stuck with adhesives, drilled and mounted to a wall and edges can also be beveled or polished like any other glass product, hence framing is not mandatory either.

Mirasafe mirrors can be used in a wide variety of spaces. Besides homes, they are a great fit for public areas such as gyms, shopping malls, dance studios, and even elevators.

Mirasafe mirrors for Gyms, Dance and Fitness Studios

Mirrors help improve form while working out in the gym and practicing in a dance studio. Full-height mirrors help people observe their form, alignment, and posture while performing and working out. With the uniform coating and protective back paint, Mirasafe mirrors can go a long way in enhancing these spaces. Such high impact zones benefit the most from the shatterproof technology of these mirrors.

Application of mirrors in gym and dance studios

Application of mirrors in gym and dance studios (Source- https://mx.saint-gobain-glass.com/es-MX/sgg-miralite-revolution)

SGG Miralite for Elevators

Elevators are often very compact spaces. It is common to use mirrors to visually expand this space and to prevent claustrophobic reactions. With SGG Miralite, you can choose from bronze, grey, clear, or high-definition mirrors. Each type will elevate the aesthetics of the lift and add life to the otherwise compact enclosure. Often, elevators are put to task of carrying furniture and other equipment which may pose a safety concern and hence the shatterproof quality is a must have for this zone.

Application of mirrors in Elevators

Application of mirrors in Elevators (Source - europe-ele.com)

Decor mirrors for Interiors

Mirrors are also seen as decorative elements in homes. Decor mirrors on walls can reflect colours and impressions while creating illusions. Such features add a novel element to a space, which can otherwise become monotonous. With Mirasafe, one can go beyond accents and explore cladding entire walls in mirrors to enhance the ambience of the room.