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Frames inside the Frame

April 19, 2022
Last updated on April 15, 2024

Glass in pop culture houses

Post 20th century, glass architecture emerged in residences. Film-makers have always been fascinated by the visuals of transparent boxes. It encourages vivid possibilities of glass inside homes. On-screen or in writing, there is no denying that glass architecture played a significant role. It helped in narrating thoughts and imaginations. The influence of glass as material on a fictional world or the influence of a fictional setting on real-life architecture is unarguable.

Architecture plays an integral part for viewer visualisation in mass media platforms i.e., well-shown thus well-known. Scenes and structures become a visible part of the culture: quoting a building, visiting and reminiscing on a particular scene with your own eyes gives stomach butterflies. Hence, Pop culture in a way does influence what's making and shaping our everyday choices.

Innovative glass applications by pop culture industry:

‘Playtime’ (1967)

innovative glass

(Source: intjournal.com)

A remarkable gem in showcasing the changing eras of lives of people by using glass to separate personal lives. Rather than the ragbag of various windows, we have a grid of windows laid out like a chequerboard. Each produced a perfect proscenium arch - like a television screen of introverted lifestyle exposed to envisage from the streets. The glass in this movie is a mere rectangular plane. Glass had various limitations due to security, technology and accessibility which have now been overcome over the time with new products. Eg. Saint-Gobain’s Vetrotech product range keeps safety always a high priority.

‘Marvel Movies’ Tony Stark’s Mansion (2008)

clear glass

(Source: www.bubblemania.fr)

The seamless glass curvature opens our view to the sea, imagining beyond. The clear glass enables distant viewers visions of interiors and peek-a-boo of personal space. The advancements in technology-enabled curved and long seamless glasses. It opened up various architectural design possibilities like seen in Tony Stark's Mansion.

‘Ex Machina’, tech billionaire Nathan Bateman’s house (2015)

Transparent Glass

(Photo: Courtesy of A24 Films, Source: www.architecturaldigest.com)

This film exploits the potential of glass. The great cliché of modernist architecture was always blurring boundaries between the interior and exterior landscape. Glass is so frequently used but as an unimaginative cipher for ‘transparency’. Few unique cinematographic explorations can decipher glass’s hidden experiential qualities.

‘You’ Netflix psychological thriller series (2018)

Interior Glass

(Source: www.harpersbazaar.com)

The glass enclosure is used to create a temperature-controlled cage by the protagonist of the series to capture people. On a positive note, the enclosure can be a good example for a baker or chef. The enclosure can store food, ingredients and desserts inside the box in homes as a display of passion and skill during gatherings.

Pop Architecture is the true democratisation of art that represents mass taste. As technology saw advancements the same was reflected in the glass being used in residences in movies, anime, series, documentaries etc. My Home by Saint-Gobain is a custom-made design solution. It encompasses everything for exterior and interior aesthetics. The range of Saint-Gobain’s ‘My home’ encourages making possible consumers’ dreams a reality. It has various glass partitions, windows, railings, ceilings etc home options to choose from.

‘Frames inside the frame’ symbolises seeing glass used beyond possibilities which is one of the characteristics of glass. Pop cultural influences and reflects people's observations. Its manifestation in real-life spaces for aesthetics and harmony.

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