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How to write off stress

How can writing alleviate stress.

Not for nothing was the proverb 'the pen is mightier than the sword' coined. The power of penning down one's thoughts has always been advocated but not many of us translate the same into practice. One need not be a prolific writer to be able to string words, but how therapeutic the process can be, should actually be experienced to be believed.

In fact, experts vouch for writing as one of the most powerful ways to reduce stress and anxiety. While some recommend writing about negative emotions to aid the process of healing and getting over negative events, some suggest writing about positive emotions to alleviate stress.


By taking negative emotions head-on, people can experience better wellbeing – both physical as well as mental.

What makes expressive writing work, is that it is capable of making people overcome their emotional inhibitions. What they cannot share with others, they can put it down relatively easily. By expressing suppressed thoughts and feelings in a free-flowing manner, they will invariably tend to feel lighter. The rigours of everyday routine are bound to let anyone bog down. What matters is how one overlooks stress by jotting their deepest emotions - be it fear, panic, apprehensions, joy, confidence or gratitude.

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Keeping a journal handy has been known to help people de-stress. Because it is easily available and accessible, it does not take too much to maintain it. But would you believe that there is something equal, or even better, to make your writing completely hassle-free? Yes, there is - SGG Glassnote, from Saint-Gobain.

SGG Glassnote is a premium, lacquered glass writing board that can be used in lieu of your journal. It is mounted on a frame and can be easily installed wherever you choose to. Simply think, write, erase and repeat; Writing could have never been easier. Stress, worry, anxiety – it is time to write them all off, with SGG Glassnote.

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