June 5, 2020 18:48

SGG Planisafe is India’s first free-standing, stand-alone glass that needs no mounting on any other base as support. It is a coloured and lacquered glass that is laminated on both sides, which makes it highly durable and safe. Being sturdy, it is very well-suited for a variety of applications. Planisafe for Office Partitions is ideal, not just for the utility value it offers, but also in terms of aesthetic appeal. This is because, Planisafe comes in a whopping range of 15 colours that makes it possible to mix & match for use on either sides of the glass! Hence both sides of the partitions can perfectly complement the décor of the room.

What makes Planisafe for Office Partitions the right choice, is also the fact that it offers numerous advantages over other conventionally used materials like plasterboard, gypsum, timber, metal, etc. Typically, these materials are not easy to install, need support for mounting, take up a lot of space, are prone to heat & humidity and lack the visual appeal.

Planisafe can be installed directly without having to worry about surface levelling and other issues normally faced when installing glass. Planisafe for Office Partitions is a space saver; since it does not need to be mounted on any base, it reduces the thickness of the surface significantly to give more open space. It is hygienic, resistant to heat & humidity, scratch-proof and moisture-proof, making it an easy-to-maintain glass for the office space.

SGG Planisafe for Office Partitions can serve as writing boards too, not just on one side but on both sides. It has an acoustically superior performance and is therefore well-suited for partitions in offices where privacy is of utmost significance. Planisafe is lead-free and has only minimal amounts of VOC, copper, formaldehyde and arsenic, making it a safe glass for the environment as well as the occupants.

Planisafe is made to undergo rigorous tests and is certified for being durable enough to withstand extreme conditions. The double-sided lamination lends safety to SGG Planisafe. Even in the rare event of a breakage, the fragments stick to the interlayers and do not get scattered. So go ahead, plan it safe, sturdy and simply stylish with Planisafe for Office Partitions!

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