faceboo CRC Sublimis, Greater Noida West Opts for SGG Emerald Glaze

CRC Sublimis

Sublimis, a blend of exquisite elegance and seamless comfort, is located at Greater Noida West. It is a project by the CRC Group, whose visionary approach has been instrumental in creating some of the most renowned real estate projects in Noida and Delhi NCR in the last 2 decades.

Sublimis bears the design aesthetic of none other than Hafeez Contractor, a name that needs no introduction in the world of architecture. The project is an epitome of excellence in every detail, with luxury and sustainability at the heart of its construction. The smartly planned residences have access to the best-in-class amenities within the community, while enjoying close proximity to all the locational advantages.

SGG Emerald Glaze is the choice of glass used at Sublimis. It belongs to Sun Ban from Saint-Gobain, a range of glass known for being the best-in-class Solar Control Glazing for residences. When compared to normal clear glass, this special pyrolytic coated glass provides superior UV protection. It also ensures that the indoor temperature remains the same, regardless of the outdoor temperature. The glass is capable of reflecting away upto 70% of heat and cutting down glare, while allowing optimum daylight to pass through.

SGG Emerald Glaze lends both character and energy-efficiency to a project of Sublimis' calibre. With the growing inclination towards sustainable spaces - even while being accessible to luxury living - the need for environment-friendly products is greater than ever before. At Sublimis, its residents enjoy the best of both worlds, a world made possible by an amalgamation of futuristic materials, and Sun Ban from Saint-Gobain contributing its bit, as one of them.

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Saint-Gobain Glass

SGG Emerald Glaze




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