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Coloured Glass from Saint-Gobain – now in Casis Purple

Alluring colours make heads turn

Planilaque Evolution Casis Purple – New Colour Launch

Interior Design spaces now have a new coloured glass to come alive in! Casis Purple.

Casis Purple is the latest addition to Saint-Gobain’s range of coloured glass – Planilaque Evolution. This shade of Purple has been designed to bring that element of sensuousness and creativity to interiors.

Purple, known to have an appeal that is mysterious, sensuous and royal, can be that much more alluring as a coloured glass. Because it combines the raw passion of Red and the unflappable tranquility of Blue, it can be sensuous even while exuding a calming effect. Casis Purple can be used in homes and leisure spaces to enhance their aesthetics with coloured glass. It is ideally suited for head-turning wall panels, sleek office furniture and for creatively designing interiors.

Backed by the attributes of the lacquered & coloured glass, SGG Planilaque Evolution, Casis Purple is all set to make interior spaces more sensuous!

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