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Comfort – Well Being: Inspire

Can glass give you the feeling of comfort?

Comfort, a ubiquitous word, plays a versatile role in our day-to-day life. How often do we, hear about the need for comfort food, wear comfort clothing and have a comfort stay? Seldom does one realize how indispensable it has become for cognitive and physical ease. Saint-Gobain is committed to enable each person to feel comfortable wherever they live.

The products and solutions contribute to the well-being of each person in living spaces whether at home, work, school or travel. This quest for well-being goes hand-in-hand with that for sustainable development which Saint-Gobain places at the heart of its corporate approach.

A study conducted by National Human Activity Pattern (2016) suggests that in the present-day, people spend about 90% of their time indoors. Understanding the need of the hour, Saint-Gobain Glass-India offers Inspire, ideal interior range of products which enable maximum cognitive ease and plenty of room for well-being. Although the word ‘Comfort’ explicitly has one denotation, owing to its subjective nature it carries different connotations. However, what remain undemanding are the emotions experienced by a person in his/her comfort zone. Freedom, satisfaction and most importantly feel good vibes are the evoked sentiments associated with comfort. These are vital, while discussing comfort of any ambience, surrounding or situation.

Comfort in an essential part of well-being of anyone and everyone; it is safe to say if all your 5 senses are at ease then you ought to be in your comfort zone. The 5 senses: sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing, operate 24*7*365 without any human effort. It is a common phenomenon on how interiors speak a lot about one’s style and taste but little does one comprehend its true effects. Taking one sense at a time, we can understand the effects your interiors have on your 5 senses comfort.

By default striking aesthetics have a pleasing effect on people; studies alongside indicate that different colours have diverse

psychological responses. It is the combined effect of colours and unparalleled aesthetics of interiors that enlivens the environs, uplifts your mood and reinvents décor leading to an overall sight comfort. Inspire products use the interplay of colours, transparency and lighting to create aesthetically fabulous interiors.

Smell is one of the senses that cannot be masked, unless of course you wear a mask. There is trifling chance to disguise a smell or air you breathe. With insignificant *VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) and no formaldehyde emissions the Inspire range provides clean and non-polluted atmosphere in a living space. These products are environment-friendly containing no heavy metals (lead) and toxic chemical components**. Inspire series thus ensures safer and healthier living spaces, satisfying the smell comfort.

What tastes good in an interior segment is far from the literal meaning of taste. The taste attribute can be eliminated in its physical context here, yet in sociology terms anything can taste good as long as given a correct setting. Interiors say a lot about people’s likes, dislikes, interests, styles and aesthetic sense, in fewer words about person’s taste. Have you noticed people with similar socio- economic background alluring a certain taste and style pattern? This is because interiors do leave behind a legacy of one’s taste comfort. The Inspire series have worked around different permutation and combinations in offering an array of possibilities that satisfy your taste buds the most.

Smooth to touch, lustrous to see are few justifiable words for glass interiors. From choice of transparent, translucent, mirrored, lacquered, textured, matt, coloured, tinted and patterned glass, the Inspire range of interiors caters to different sensations of a product, fulfilling the touch comfort.

The perfect hearing comfort is to zone sounds within particular areas. Here, the inspire range of solutions plays an indispensable role, products come with an excellent acoustic performance and is an ideal choice for domestic and work partitions. All in all, the senses are at alleviated with the ideal and desired circumstance pertaining to respective.

With well-being at its core and acknowledging today’s modern design & contemporary decors, Inspire from Saint-Gobain Glass India, lines up innovative range of glass interiors to transform the way you look at glass.