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Enclosed within the protective sphere

A Hospital: A haven of safety. A centre for care. Designing one calls for the highest standards of security compliances. Which is why, fire-safe glass comes as the best panacea for hospitals.Due to the presence of abundant hazardous material, high powered machinery and emergency equipment, there is a prime need for compartmentalising hospitals into smaller fire safe zones. Fire resistance Glassis the best bet to compartmentalise hospitals.

So, what makes glass a safe bet in the unfortunate outbreak of a fire? Consider this. More than any other material, glass offers unparalleled visual security. The very fact that one detect fire early and can also see through in case of an accident makes glass the preferred option. Also with occupants in a hospital having little/no mobility and unaware of impending dangers especially at night, glass makes it possible to easily evacuate them and ensure that no one is left behind. The National Building Code (NBC) has also sounded the fire-alarm by mandating passive fire safety requirements in tall buildings (relevant to hospitals as well) through its Category C1, clauses 3.4, 4 and 6.3.

At Saint-Gobain, there is a glass for every class, and every category. Vetrotech Saint-Gobain is a business unit of the Saint Gobain Group that is dedicated exclusively to fire-resistant glass. Bringing three decades of expertise in high-performing fire resisting glass, we are the first to combine clear vision optics and human impact safety. Our extensive product range has been patronized by discerning architects and interior designers worldwide.

Our Contraflam series of fire-resistant glasses offer relatively higher protection from fire hazards than conventionally used material like wood, plywood, metal and other fabrication. The glass finds applications across hospitals in fire resistant partitions, fire proof doors & partitions, and fire door systems. It can ensure up to 120 minutes of fire resistance, radiation protection and high impact resistance.

View our Fire Safety Product Selector. You can choose the Fire proof glass that exactly meets your requirements by varying a set of parameters.

Watch the hour long test video to see how a Fire resistant glass compares to a Fire protective Glass.