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Glass for Car Showrooms

Glass attributes for class interiors

Saint-Gobain Inspire at Maruti NEXA Showroom, Hyderabad

Automobile dealers are making the shift from the concept of aggressive sales to extending a one-of-its-kind personalized ‘experience’ for prospective buyers.Maruti Suzukiis the latest to join the growing tribe of brands targeting niche segments, with its state-of-the-art ‘NEXA’ showrooms. Currently retailing its premium variants ‘S Cross’ and ‘Baleno’, NEXA is clearly the place where the privileged would like to be seen in. NEXA is also where showroom interiors get a brand-new definition and glass for showrooms, in particular, makes a statement like never before.

An internationally renowned Japanese agency has designed the NEXA showrooms. The signature colour scheme for the showrooms is monochrome with the intent to drive the spotlight on the product colour. In keeping with the theme, interior glass for the showroom was prudently picked from Saint-Gobain’s versatile glass range to align with the company’s focus on creating a superlative ambience.SGG Planilaquewas the choice of interior glass, chosen for its thoughtfully balanced attributes of beauty and functionality.

As the chosen one, Planilaque worked its way intelligently in itsavatar of glassfor the showroom. It found itself lent to new applications and novel uses. From wall panels to pillars, from parts of the ceiling to even the display and writing boards, Planilaque designed 190 sqm of the NEXA showroom. Besides the product showcasing space, Planilaque was used as an integral part of the design in the meeting rooms and customer lounge. The all-around expression in glass helped to magnify the effect of space as well along with enhancing the element of design. With design, comes perfection. And Planilaque lived up perfectly to the thematic colours of theshowroom, with its shades of Extra White and Black.

Glass for showrooms is not all about gloss and glamour. Fundamental pre-requisites needed to be met and Planilaque did more than just that. Being scratch-proof, moisture-resistant and eco-friendly (it is lead-free and contains negligible amounts of VoC), this lacquered glass provided that much desiredvalue-addition.

Along with Planilaque, SGG Planifix – Saint-Gobain’s brand of adhesive solutions – was used in the project. Available in Silicone tubes and Double-sided tapes, Planifix is an ideal solution to affix glass for showrooms. It ensures several advantages like humidity-resistance, less sag/slump, high bonding strength, UV-resistance, thermal stability, low VoC and high durability, making it just right for use in the showroom.

100 outlets across 60 cities in India, and still counting, the NEXA showrooms are geared to redefine the entire buying experience for the high-end customer. By choosing a premium glass for the showrooms, it is going the extra mile to ensure that classy interior design and décor are just as important, if not more, as the product itself.