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Green glazing solutions

Saint-Gobain Infinity at Godrej Waterside, Kolkata

The Godrej Waterside is an IT Park developed by Godrej Properties at Salt Lake, Kolkata, among the most rapidly growing Information Technology hubs across the country. The LEED-Gold rated building is glazed with Saint-Gobain glass, yet again an emphatic reminder of its supremacy in the sustainable solutions' space. Ar.JP Agarwal Architects created a green blueprint in the City of Joy, leaving a lasting impression on the region's IT landscape.

Godrej Waterside is located between the Kolkata International Airport and the city centre. In the midst of Salt Lake Sector V, it gets its name from the picturesque lake that adjoins it. Known for its innovative aesthetic design and functional convenience, Godrej Waterside is home to some of the most renowned corporate names. And it is not just the amenities on offer that makes it an attractive proposition. The LEED-Gold certification from IGBC makes it one of the most coveted destinations that companies are making a beeline for.

Godrej Waterside's green eye looks beyond landscaped gardens and rainwater harvesting. Its commitment to sustainability is also reflected in the judicious use of Saint-Gobain's green, glazing solutions – SGG COOL-LITE and SGG PLANITHERM.

SGG COOL-LITE is an advanced energy-efficient solar control glass perfectly suited for tropical climes. Being a heat reflective glass, the glass helps to cut solar heat and keep the interiors of the Godrej Waterside cooler through the daytime, thus reducing the cost of air conditioning. It also provides optimum light transmission, thus allowing natural daylight into the interiors and reducing glare. This reduces the need for artificial lighting within the building. SGG Cool-Lite Aquamarine (ST 420) was used at the Godrej Waterside.

SGG PLANITHERM is an advanced thermal insulation glass that is reflective to long heat-wave radiation. An excellent thermal insulator, it is ideal for external double glazing applications. Due to low reflection, it has a neutral appearance. SGG PLANITHERM, in combination with a solar control glass (SGG COOL-LITE, in this case) in a double glazed unit is the best way to improve the energy efficiency of a window/façade. At the Godrej Waterside, SGG PLANITHERM Pristine White was used.

When companies look to expand their green cover, it need not always be tangible in terms of plants and trees. Going green is also about intangible elements that benefit all stakeholders. Like increased use of natural daylight, reduced need for artificial lighting, lower dependence on air-conditioning, and so on. By incorporating Saint-Gobain's glazing solutions into its blueprint, Godrej Waterside has proved that glass is the new green.

Saint-Gobain Infinity