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Glass Partitions – The Clear Choice for Privacy & Space

Break the monotony of interiors

Partitions are an integral component of interiors; they are required to reveal only that much that is necessary and yet give that much-needed privacy. To achieve these requirements, glass partitions prove to be the perfect choice.

Traditionally used wall partitions cause claustrophobia and wooden partitions limit the use of space. But glass partitions not just occupy very less area, but rather create a greater sense of space. Moreover, the interplay of light and glass results in a soothing, vibrant ambiance all around.

Saint-Gobain Glass has a variety of glass that is ideal for use as glass partitions. The glass comes in a wide range of patterns and textures that help to give partitions a dramatic effect.

SGG Master Glass is a pattern glass with precise geometry. It comprises five well-designed interior glass patterns which are printed onto the glass, and appear transparent on a translucent matte base. This patterned glass for partitions captures and emits light in a way that gives an attractive aesthetic effect while the translucency optimises light levels and provides subtle obscurity.

SGG Decor Glass is an interior design glass that is patterned and textured. It is highly used to enhance the look, feel, form and function of interior spaces. As textured glass for partitions, SGG Decor Glass gives an impression of spaciousness. Each pattern of this glass offers a different level of vision obscurity, ensuring privacy without blocking out natural light.

Hence glass partitions with patterned and textured glass serve a dual benefit – they provide a separation as well as give space. They break the monotony of interiors, create more room and bring the perfect balance between privacy and transparency.