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Energy efficient iconic construction

Saint-Gobain Infinity at Vadodara International Airport, Gujarat

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When Honourable Prime Minister, Mr.Narendra Modi, made his first visit to Vadodara 2 years after he became PM, it was a cause worthy of a nation's attention. The Vadodara International Airport. Sealing its place in history as only the 2nd eco-friendly airport in the country, it is being lauded for its holistic endeavours towards going green. Inaugurating the airport on October 22nd, 2016, the PM said, “Construction of such iconic buildings on green concept will encourage citizens to take up construction on these lines.”

Built under the aegis of the Airport Authority of India (AAI), the design for the airport was the result of an international competition that invited entries for the same. The contract was awarded to the winners, US-based consortium Gensler, Frederic Schwartz Architects, and architects Creative Group from Delhi.

Saint-Gobain Infinity, exterior glazing solutions with 'limitless possibilities' has been an integral element of this landmark green project. Developed at a cost of 160 crores, the airport is spread over 18,120 sq mt and can handle 700 passengers (domestic plus international) per hour through 18 check-in counters. The building design is in line with the advance building management system.

Saint-Gobain Infinity has once again been called on to demonstrate its prowess in providing sustainable glazing options. 6000 sqm of SGG COOL-LITE (SKN 144, 6mm) was supplied to ensure advanced solar control across the terminal. A heat reflective glass, SGG COOL-LITE cuts down excessive heat and optimizes light transmission. The result : reduced dependence on air-conditioning and artificial lighting. A special sheet size was customized for the airport, besides meeting all its clear glass requirements as well. As a solar control glass, SGG COOL-LITE ensured energy-efficient facades, adding to the green cover of the airport. The glass not only fulfilled the Green objectives of the project, but has also made the building an iconic landmark.

Apart from Resource-efficient glazing solutions, advanced security systems, energy-saving cooling mechanism, rain-water harvesting and super sensitive fire safety alarm are the salient features of this green airport.The project is currently under consideration by TERI for a GRIHA rating.

The Vadodara International Airport has given the green signal for the government to continue with its mission of fostering green projects. Albeit a new space, developing eco-friendly airports is a harbinger of things to come...of a rising, shining, new India...where everything that one touches will turn gold by turning green.