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Glazing a new trail

Modular kitchen with glass

Saint-Gobain Inspire for the Kitchen

These are exciting times for the modular systems industry, when the market is flooded with a variety of options that they, in turn, can offer to customers. Modular systems specialists wield a significant influence on their clients and can help make informed decisions in terms of choosing the right material. While there are plenty available, selecting the most optimum material can be tricky.

With Saint-Gobain Glass, both modular system experts and their customers can rest assured. Its ‘Inspire’ range of interior glass –SGG Planilaqueand SGG Planisilk – is much in demand, with architects vouching for the unparalleled advantages it offers. Watch this video to get a first-hand account of the benefits of Saint-Gobain Inspire, from the point of view of Mr.Kewadia Bharat, Director of Modulinea Modular Systems, Mumbai.

Saint-Gobain Inspire is not only inspiring a new generation of homemakers to spruce up their kitchen but also offering modular kitchen makers with a new material to work with – contemporary, coloured and lacquered glass. In this video, Mr.Kewadia Bharat, Director of Modulinea Modular Systems talks at length about how Inspire – Saint-Gobain’s range of innovativeinterior glass– is changing the face of modern modular systems. He throws light on the typical issues that conventionally used material are fraught with, and how Inspire overcomes those disadvantages to be a ‘glass’ apart.

In the course of his work with local craftsmen and glass dealers, Mr.Kewadia often encountered colour inconsistency and haziness in the glass. Also, while working on a pan-India basis, procurement and transport of the glass from one place to another posed a problem. But with Saint-Gobain Glass, he was not only able to source them easily but also found them to be uniform across batches.

The modular systems industry is graduating towards glass for the host of advantages it offers, both in terms of aesthetics and functionality.

Glass needs minimal maintenance as it is easy to clean and has an inherent elegance to it with its sophisticated look and feel. It is for these very attributes that customers too are showing an increasing inclination towards taking to glass in kitchen cabinets and wardrobes. In fact, Mr.Kewadia observes that 60% of the customers are actually demanding the use of glass to adorn their modular systems. What makes SGG Planilaque and SGG Planisilk, theinterior glasssolutions from the Inspire range, the preferred choice is the unmatched finish and the attractive shades. He says that the products are on par with internationally available options, especially in the European markets, and second to none with their elegant colours. With the growing leaning towards matte products, SGG Planisilk clearly leaves a lasting impression, as is evident from its use in Mr.Kewadia’s own office.

In just a year since he has been recommending the Saint-Gobain Inspire range to his clients, Mr.Kewadia has witnessed phenomenal growth in the demand for the products. Saint-Gobain’s reputation in the market as a seasoned and reliable player, coupled with the superior quality of its products, has been instrumental in Modulinea endorsing the range to its customers. With the plethora of benefits and shades on offer, Mr.Kewadia is confident of a bright and vibrant future for the modular systems industry at large.

Indeed, the road ahead for industries collateral to architecture & interior design are filled with an array of interesting options, thanks to the multifarious uses of glass. As Mr.Kewadia puts it, architects are not just preferring, but demandingSaint-Gobain interior glassto be deployed in their projects. Today, customers too are eager to experiment in their quest to build an exclusive abode. They are not satiated with conventionally used, tried & tested options, and are tuned into the latest trends to stand out from the crowd. Of the many available choices, what clinches their preference is the perfect blend of aesthetic appeal and practical advantages. And it is here, that Saint-Gobain Glass scores over its conventional counterparts.

Saint-Gobain Glass has, and continues to be, a trail-‘glazer’ with its repertoire of products. By not stopping at just innovating, but improvising on features, it has thus created a ceaseless demand for itsproduct range. As it goes on glazing new trails, the modular system industry and its customers can look forward to opening the door to innovation – something which has come to be expected of Saint-Gobain, the world leader in sustainable habitats and bringing wellbeing to living spaces.