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Glazing solutions for Ambience Tower

Sustainable architecture helps conserve energy

The Ambience Tower is a sprawling commercial property located in the Ambience Island, Gurgaon, Haryana. Its strategic location makes it well-connected by road and metro services to Delhi and other parts of Gurgaon. Ambience provides a Bus Shuttle Service to the nearest metro station; It is just a ten-minute drive from the Indira Gandhi International Airport, Delhi.

The Ambience Tower is a part of an Integrated Township with high-end apartments (Lagoon, Catriona), Malls (Ambience Gurgaon), Five Star Hotel/Serviced Apartments (Leela Kempinski) & Nine Hole Golf Greens. It is adjacent to The Leela Kempinski and the celebrated Ambience Mall. The Tower has been developed by the renowned Ambience Pvt. Ltd., a real estate developing company focused on premium developments primarily in the National Capital Region. With its competent in-house construction and development capabilities, the company is increasingly being regarded for its contemporary architecture competencies.

High-end building specifications, with a grand luxurious entrance lobby and lift lobby, mark the entry to the Ambience Tower. What adds to the magnificence of the entrance lobby is the abundant natural daylight which brightens the interiors of the area, courtesy Saint-Gobain Glass, that allows maximum natural light to enter and also cuts the noise and heat out of the building. A lush green foliage comprises the landscape around the building. The interior layout is made efficient with a large floor plate and a large column span. The floor can be further sub-divided to accommodate smaller requirements. The huge parking lot is ample enough to house the conveyance facilities of both visitors and tenants.

Sustainability in design lies at core of the overall project design. Considering the orientation of the building and energy-efficiency requirements as primary factors, the architects, GriD Architects, have used SGG NANO Icy Menthol (KT 140) to glaze the facades. SGG NANO which is a high-performance coated glass with advanced solar control (Solar factor of 0.29) and thermal insulation (low e) properties (U-value of 1.8), minimizes the heat gain into the building to reduce cooling loads and maximizes the daylight to reduce dependency on artificial light . Considering the composite type of climatic conditions of Gurgaon, SGG Nano makes for an ideal sustainable glazing solution for Ambience Tower as it has both solar control and thermal insulation properties and provides thermal comfort for all seasons. It has a clear base which makes it neutral in appearance and aesthetically appealing. It is an environment-friendly product that helps reduce energy consumption and is compliant with LEED, TERI Griha & ECBC norms.

With the synergy of a sustainable product that is at once attractive and functional, the Ambience Tower stands majestic on the NH-8. Like its name suggests, it is a representation of an ambience like no other – aesthetic on the outside and an epitome of comfort on the inside.