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Hit the Bull’s Eye With SGG Planilaque Evolution

Trendy styles with wall panels

How often has the prospect of wall panelling been a cat on the wall experience for you and your clients? You can now be creative and set the trend with Saint-Gobain coloured glass or lacquered glass.

Yes, you have finally struck Bull’s Eye. Visualize a wall panel as a Bull’s Eye made from lacquered & coloured glass – a concept that is at once trendy and yet goes back in time, subtle yet screaming for attention.

Planilaque Evolution, a series of coloured, lacquered glass from the Saint-Gobain stable, enables a range of revolutionary new ideas in interior designing. Besides wall panelling, it can be used in decorative panels, cladding for cabinet & wardrobe doors, internal doors & sliding doors, showcases, furniture, writing boards, and even as washroom wall panels. You can choose from 11 exotic colours to create a stunning melange of mixed & matched shades.

SGG Planilaque is a highly durable coloured glass & lacquered glass manufactured with the advanced lacquer on glass process. It is opaque, resistant to heat & humidity and colour consistent. A sustainable, environment-friendly glass, it does not contain VOC, lead, copper, formaldehyde and arsenic. Other advantages include ease of installation as well as maintenance.

Coming back to our Bull’s Eye, pick the bold Planilaque Solar Yellow and beautiful Planilaque Extra White. The two colours will offset and complement each other in a way that’s colourful and classy at the same time. Be it your client’s home of office, the striking combination is sure to make this Bull’s Eye the cynosure of all eyes!

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