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India’s first free-standing glass

Sophistication meets Safety

Introducing Planisafe – where sophistication meets safety

The constantly innovating world of interior design is witness to new products getting churned out everyday.

What differs is just the shelf life; some last it out, some simply don’t. Saint-Gobain introduces Planisafe, a stand-alone coloured and lacquered glass for interior design, that is designed to stand the test of time.

Planisafe is one more revolutionary product from Saint-Gobain . It is a double-sided laminated glass with an advanced interlayer, which makes it one of the most durable and safest in its class. As India’s first free-standing glass, Planisafe makes for the perfect glass for interior design. And why not?! It combines the virtues of safety, durability and acoustic comfort with aesthetic appeal, eco-friendliness and hassle-free maintenance.

SGG Planisafe can be easily installed. It can be put up in a free-standing form, without any additional backing. It can also be installed directly on the floor with minimum surface levelling. As a glass for interior design, it has various applications. When used as a partition, it delivers superior acoustic performance and can even save up to 10 times the space occupied by conventional partitions. It can also double up as a writing board, be it at home or at work.

When it comes to visual aesthetics, Planisafe stands a class apart. With 15 attractive shades to choose from, it is just the right glass for interior design. Complement the rest of the interiors with this coloured glass, and what you will see is innovation in the making.

Functional and aesthetically appealing, Planisafe scores high on ease of maintenance as well. Because it is resistant to heat & humidity, and is

scratch-proof as well as moisture-proof, Planisafe is easy to clean and maintain. A hygienic glass, it is eco-friendly by being lead-free and constituting only quantities of VOC.

Planisafe has been tested to comply with the most stringent international safety norms. In the rare case of a breakage, the fragments remain embedded in its unique interlayer. With a whole range of innovative attributes, Planisafe is the safest bet for contemporary interior design glass.