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Inspiring a new generation

Glass applications in Modular solutions

Marrying form with function, classic with the contemporary, and design with décor. Modular systems are redefining the new-age living and working spaces with a classy statement. Offering an array of options that can be customized, and limited only to the extent of one’s imagination, the modular industry is certainly having a field day. Metrika – Futuristic Modular Solutions is one of the leading players in the market, having carved a niche for itself by virtue of its futuristic modular solutions.

Located in Mumbai, with boutiques across Pune and Ahmedabad, Metrika is renowned for some of the most coveted projects pan-India. With expertise in the architectural/retail and infrastructure space, its 360 degree approach continues to endear it to its customers. What has also sustained its position is its steadfast commitment to using only quality material and it is here that Saint-Gobain Glass has consistently been its reliable partner over the years.

In this video, Mr.Sachin Vora, Key Manager – Accounts, at Metrika, talks of how Saint-Gobain products are constantly the best-selling offerings for MetrikaSGG PlanilaqueSGG Planisilk, from Saint-Gobain’s ‘Inspire’ series, are glass solutions for innovative interiors and perfectly suited for Metrika’s modular systems. Together, the two comprise the highest selling products, and the preferred choice by its customers.

Mr.Vora strongly states that Saint-Gobain’s range of glass is changing, and will continue to change the dynamics of the modular solutions industry. The extensive benefits that the products offer are unparalleled with the ones prevailing in the market, making Saint-Gobain the undisputed leader in this segment. The uniformity in colour, across batches, with no variations whatsoever, and the fact that the colour does not peel off, are huge advantages over the local players. Planilaque and Planisilk can be easily cleaned, and given that the maximum amount of humidity is in the kitchen, the moisture-resistant properties come as a big relief. The matte finish of Planisilk is currently trending among architects and end-customers alike, making it a rage in the interior glass solutions space. Metrika’s boutiques proudly adorn the Inspire range of Saint-Gobain, a testimony to the products’ distinctly superior attributes.

Mr.Vora is impressed by the diverse applications that SGG Planilaque

and SGG Planisilk can be put to. Glass has made the transition from being just a building material to an integral aspect of interior design. Today, it is transitioning again, to offer a repertoire of functional advantages over and above aesthetic value. As glass dons a variety of roles, the future of the architectural & interior design industry is clearly set for a bright and interesting future.

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