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Kitchen makeover with innovative glass

Glass solutions for innovative interiors

Coloured glass lacquered glass SGG Planilaque

In a ‘glass’ of its own

Saint-Gobain Glass has always placed innovation at the heart of its operations, creating product lines that bring wellbeing to living spaces. For women the world over, wellbeing of those around them continues to drive all that they do. No wonder then, that Saint-Gobain’s Inspire, glass solutions for innovative interiors, is what every woman would want in her home, her kitchen, to bring that very sense of wellbeing into every space. Here’s a glimpse into Mr.C.B.More’s home in Mumbai, where SGG Planilaque, a coloured and lacquered glass from the Inspire suite of products, has been extensively used in the kitchen. The homemaker, Mrs.Kanchan Patil, gives us an insight into how and why she chose Planilaque, and what makes it the ideal choice.

Located in the posh South Mumbai suburb of Dadar, Mr.C.B.More’s residence just got a plush makeover in the form of a gleaming new kitchen. Initially apprehensive about using glass in the kitchen, today, he is a delighted customer of Planilaque. A coloured & lacquered glass from Saint-Gobain’s Inspire range of interior glass solutions, Planilaque delivered what none of the other materials available could offer in the market, says Mr.More. He is thrilled with the finishing, the fact that it is so maintenance-free, and above all, the excellent quality of service from Saint-Gobain. Working closely with our clients, we comprehend their exact requirements and customize our solutions to align perfectly with their needs.

Planning to revamp her kitchen, Mrs.Patil opted for Saint-Gobain glass over other laminated/vinyl boards for the host of advantages that Planilaque offered. Zero-maintenance, ease of handling, frameless, reflective nature, natural light, humidity-resistance and the variety of colours were the factors that were instrumental in making her choose Planilaque over other materials for the kitchen cabinets. As far as the colours were concerned, she chose Titanium Grey and Ultra White, which complemented the countertop perfectly. The fact that the glass needed no polishing and that colours would not fade away (as in traditionally used materials), were big bonuses for her.

SGG Planilaque is the interior glass for the woman of today – contemporary, bold and with a mind of her own. She knows exactly what she wants, and will have it. In many ways, today’s woman seeks out an extension of her own personality, attributes that are inherent in her as well. Which is why, Planilaque’s durability, dependability and desirability are bound to appeal to her senses. Planilaque is coated with lacquer on one side of the glass which gives it the enduring strength to brace up for the rigours of everyday use. It is scratch-proof, non-greasy and gets cleaned up in a jiffy. Even with all that humidity in the kitchen, Planilaque remains moisture-free. With 19 desirable shades, the kitchen couldn’t get any more colourful than this.


Planilaque is just what today’s woman needs for the kitchen to evolve. Ideal for

modular cabinets, splashbacks and countertops, this coloured and lacquered glass is as versatile as it can get. If hygiene and eco-friendliness are on top of the priority list, rest assured with Planilaque. It is free from lead, does not contain formaldehyde, copper or arsenic and has only traces of VoC, making it absolutely safe for use in the kitchen.

Mrs.Patil wanted a kitchen that was trendy and was in line with the standards of her coveted neighbourhood. With Planilaque, she was not only able to achieve that but she also strongly recommends it to others as well.

SGG Planilaque needs no celebrity endorsement to vouch for its uber rich features. Its best testimonial indeed, comes from the end-user. In the video, Mrs.Patil take us through her kitchen and highlights the many advantages that she has been able to benefit from Planilaque.