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Confluence of tradition and modern

Featured above is TCS Siruseri - a magnificent IT park in Chennai. The building uses advanced solar control glass from the stable of Saint-Gobain. Some say that TCS’ Siruseri Campus near Chennai is the largest IT campus in Asia, while some say that it’s quite simply an architectural marvel. We say that it’s a symphony, made of cement and stone and glass, a composition so beautiful that it will spread awe amongst those who behold it.

Spanning an area more than 28 hectares and a built up area of 70 acres –TCS Siruseri is the largest IT park in Asia. 12 buildings make up the TCS Siruseri Campus, arranged around a central spine that divides them into 6 on one side making the structure resemble a butterfly. The central spine is 400m long and 42m high.

Designed by Uruguayan architectural firm Carlos Ott Architects in association with the renowned Indian Architect C R Narayan Rao, the park is a confluence of traditional Indian as well as modern design, of business and lifestyle. It is a great example of what a true vision can achieve for something that has the potential to go down the banal route, like any other IT park.

Each building in the park is ensconced in a glass façade, as attractive as the structure itself. While glass has been the popular choice for commercial buildings in recent times, this glass is even more special than the usual. It’s a Low e Glazing solution provided by Saint-Gobain – SGG Nano.

SGG NANO is a high performance coated glass with advanced energy efficient solar control and thermal insulation (low e) properties. Like the other solar control product range, NANO cuts the external heat and radiations – thus reducing the cost for external cooling. Its high light transmission eliminates the need for artificial lighting during the daytime. Savings on energy costs is a key benefit from the solar control range of products – especially in a tropical country like India. It is an environment-friendly product that helps reduce energy consumption. Its low internal reflection properties assure the interiors have a clear outside view. It has a neutral appearance - making it aesthetically appealing.

SGG Nano is a visual delight. It is available in a host of different colours, from virtually all shades of blue, green and even a few neutral hues. TCS Siruseri used a combination of SGG Nano Icy Menthol and SGG Nano Moon Shine for its facades.

SGG Nano – the green building glass has played a huge part in giving TCS’ Siruseri IT Park the grandeur it exudes, while making it a practical and green investment. TCS Siruseri is an IGBC Gold Rated building. Saint-Gobain glass used in double glazing has made its contribution for the green rating through energy savings by reducing artificial cooling and lighting costs.

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