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Mirror: The most versatile décor piece

In a world that is stalled in false images and impressions that we are forced to sport, we all need someone to show us the mirror. Because, the mirror tells it all. Because, mirrors don’t lie.


Most often than not, our day starts and ends with a look in the mirror. Some bad hair days meet with a look of disdain and disapproval. Some bring a sense of confidence in the self and spring in the step. Let’s face it - looking good to oneself definitely does wonders to instilling self-esteem and feeling great.



The mirror is a conversation-starter and it also puts an end to those endless debates raging within. It is a reflection - of our best days and our worst nightmares; what we see is what we get. But in the end, it is all about reflecting our beautiful self.



Aesthetics is an integral part of wellbeing and mirrors play a huge role in mirroring that. Just as we bank on mirrors to enhance ourselves – atleast on a superficial level – we can elevate the spaces around us, too, with mirrors. Not just in today’s times, mirrors have been known to add aesthetic value, since ages.



Mirrors illuminate by creating brighter spaces. When viewed in different angles, they have an illusionary effect. When positioned strategically, they tend to make spaces appear larger than they actually are. Their dynamic placement is enough to add glamour, without the need for unnecessary props and knick-knacks. In fact, keeping minimal décor items with mirrors is an interior design hack, as the reflection itself will duplicate the existing objects. What’s more, mirrors, by themselves are a piece of art; they are all the décor you might need to glam up the interiors any day.


Mirrors from Saint-Gobain are versatile mirror and inspire various applications as well. It can be used in bathrooms, dressing room, dining room, kitchen, living areas, along the stairway, entryway, in furniture, wardrobes, and wherever you can envision a place for its presence. It is flexible and aligns perfectly well with every desired application.

So the next time you look at the mirror, take a moment to appreciate the various roles it dons. Much like you, there is more to it than meets the eye!

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