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Novel use of glass in Cinemas

Stunning interiors create rich ambience

Saint-Gobain Inspire at Asian Cinemas, Hyderabad

The next time you catch up on a movie, make sure to look out for the glass at the cinemas. AtAsian Cinemas, Hyderabad, in particular. With the new-age theatre ambience being overhauled like never before, interior design ideas have found a new space to flourish in. The interior designers took the glass route and turned over conventional definitions to contemporary design.

Asian Cinemas is a popular hangout in Attapur, on the outskirts of Hyderabad. The 4-screened multiplex is part of the Asian Multiplexes Private Limited, a media & entertainment company based out of Hyderabad. In a bid to extend a high-end cinematic experience, the group has paid meticulous attention – starting from the interiors to best-in-class facilities. With the use of innovative glass at the cinemas, the interior designers have ensured that the vision of a rich ambiance is fulfilled.

  • SGGPlanilaquefrom Saint-Gobain’s Inspire range was selected for novel uses like cladding walls and panels with glass. The glass was intelligently put to use in the Recharge area, considering the fact that it would be the most populated place in the multiplex. 280 sqm of Planilaque were used, in shades of Flame Red and Brown. Pillars in vibrant Red filled up the space, creating a cheery atmosphere to complement the visitors’ own joyous state of mind. Thewall panelswere also done up in Planilaque – vivacious Red offset by subtle Brown – to create a stunning chequered backdrop.

A coloured and lacquered glass, Planilaque is highly suitable as a glass at the cinemas. The lacquer on one side gives it the much neededdurability, while its moisture-resistant properties make it immune to humidity. It is scratch-proof and can hence survive the rigours of a public space. It is also an environmentally sustainable material as it is lead-free and contains only negligible amounts of VoC.

It is an exciting time for interior designers, with more and more avenues opening up to showcase their skills. Who would have imagined that glass at the cinemas could make a statement too?Saint-Gobain Inspireis heralding new territories for interior design by showing the way for interesting and innovative uses of glass.