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Pink is the new power

Rethink the colour pink!

It is a colour that has long been associated with femininity. Think Pink, think ‘weaker sex’. But, no longer. Today, it is time to change, not the colour, but the connotations for which it stands. It is time to rethink Pink and perceive it as the colour of progress, of power and of empowerment!

At Saint-Gobain, our glass is proof that everything which seems fragile need not be so. A small initiative, a little bit of involvement, can make a big difference in uplifting the spirit of the girl child and empowering our women. The Saint-Gobain India Foundation (SGIF) has been established to cater to the community, one of the aims is to enable life and livelihood through education of lesser privileged children with a focus on educating the girl child. SGIF partners with NGOs that already have a proven track record.

While our foundation works at the grassroots level, we, as a corporate citizen are striving to do our bit to the cause of building women power. We have dedicated the Petal Pink variant of SGG Planilaque (a premium, coloured & lacquered glass for interiors) to educating the girl child. This means, every timeSGG PlanilaquePetal Pink is used in a project, a part of the proceeds from the sale will be contributed to the girl child’s education. So, if you are going to be using Petal Pink, you will actually be making an invaluable difference to the life of a girl child out there!

Think of it this way: every sq.m. of SGG Petal Pink lets the girl child inch towards a better life, a brighter future. For you, it may just be a wall, but for her it is a lifeline to break through an age-old barrier; it is an opportunity for her to leave behind the label of ‘underprivileged’ forever, and march confidently ahead.

Every year, on Women’s Day, we celebrate the accomplishments of Women Achievers in the field of architecture and interior design. This year, we are sure, they too will join hands with us in celebrating the girl child today, so she will be an achiever in her own right, tomorrow. Let us not just admire the beauty of ‘pretty in pink’, but salute the ‘power of pink’. Let us not just preach; let us practise every day in every way, to walk the talk of taking her forward. Together, let us add colour to her budding pink petals so she can truly bloom and blossom. Together, let’s say ‘more power to you, girl!’

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