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Reflecting Style & Safety

Sophisticated, subtle, yet stylish

Saint-Gobain Inspire at Wipro, Bengaluru

It is a company that has constantly believed in ‘applying thought’. It is a company that has always been at the heart of innovation. It is a company that has never shied away from treading on new paths. Little wonder then, that Wipro would choose to endorse the innovative, new glass from Saint-Gobain’s Inspire range –SGG Planisafefor offices.

At Wipro’s office inBengaluru, meticulous thought has been applied to the company’s interior design. Sophisticated, subtle, yet stylish, it is the perfect foil for SGG Planisafe for offices – sturdy and safe. SGG Planisafe’s application in the lift lobbies and wall panels speak volumes about the durability of this double-sided, lacquered and coloured glass.

SGG Planisafe is one more innovative glass from the house of Saint-Gobain. It is fortified with an advanced interlayer that lets the glass fragments remain embedded within it, in case of a breakage. A first-of-its-kind glass in India, SGG Planisafe is tested for the most stringent standards, including the EN12600.

AtWipro, all the benefits of SGG Planisafe for offices, come into their own. 600 sqm of SGG Planisafe is glazed across the lift lobbies and wall panels. The superior acoustic performance of this glass comes in handy especially in offices where sound insulation is critical. As a wall panel, SGG Planisafe is a huge space saver, saving nearly 10 times the space occupied by conventional partitions. What’s more, it can be easily installed directly on the floor with minimal surface leveling and can even be used in free-standing form without any additional backing. SGG Planisafe is available in 15 spectacular shades and at the Wipro office, Extra White was used to align with the elegance of the interiors.

Wipro’s long standing commitment to environmental sustainability is ably supported by SGG Planisafe’seco-friendlyattributes. The glass is lead-free and contains only negligible amounts of VOC, copper, formaldehyde and arsenic, making it suitable for use in the workplace. With its host of advantages, SGG Planisafe is thepreferred glassfor offices, and with its use at Wipro, there can be no better testimonial for applying thought in innovation.

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