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Fascinating interplay of light

Saint-Gobain Glass for The Sail @ Marina Bay, Singapore

Via Saint Gobain Glass India Flickr Photostream

The Sail @ Marina Bay is an iconic architectural marvel that has been dotting the Singapore skyline since 2008. Shimmering in reflective and tinted glass, it is a sight to behold for its exquisite beauty and sheer magnificence. A 6-star luxury condominium by the waterfront, The Sail towers breathtakingly at 245 metres and 70 storeys high, making it not just Singapore's tallest apartment, but among the top 10 tallest residential buildings worldwide.

Located at Marina Boulevard, The Sail offers a panoramic view of the city and the sea. The glittering reflective and tinted glass is a showstopper, bringing a fascinating interplay of light, water and glass. During the day, the glass and water exhibit their spectacular show, while the night demonstrates the melange of glass with the city lights. In the proximity, are Singapore's renowned landmarks like Suntec City, Marina Bay Sands, Esplanade, Singapore River, Downtown MRT Station and the Central Linear Park.

The Sail @ Marina Bay has been designed by the leading design firm NBBJ. The two buildings include a glass facade with reflective glass and tinted glass while the Marina Bay Tower was sculpted to resemble a sail. The site area is 2.2464 acres with a maximum permissible gross floor area of 1,272,100 sq.ft. It has 29,000 sq.ft of retail space, and an underground link to Raffles Place MRT Station. 1,111 residential units find pride of place within The Sail.

Luxury resides in each of The Sail, with every conceivable amenity made accessible to its residents. The design has been conceptualized to be an amalgamation of living, leisure, recreation and retail spaces. Hence the glass facade too, has been thoughtfully designed to rope in reflective and tinted glass that offer the best of comfort and aesthetics.

Saint-Gobain Glass recommended a product mix of glazing solutions that would ensure visual appeal for The Sail, while incorporating the aspects of functionality and safety. SGG Cool-Lite (variants KN 169 and SKN 172) was chosen for its advanced energy-efficiency and solar control attributes. This reflective glass was ideal for optimizing light transmission, cutting the excess heat and hence keeping the interiors cooler during the daytime, thereby reducing air-conditioning costs as well. For the aesthetic appearance, SGG Parsol (Grey) was the preferred choice. Being a coloured, tinted glass, it was perfect for creating the sophisticated look that The Sail intended to incorporate.

As one of the tallest residential buildings, The Sail's commitment to safety was paramount. There was the need for a glass that would adhere to the highest standards of security for the occupants. SGG Securit conformed seamlessly to this prerequisite; five times more resistant to breakage, this toughened safety glass is the result of a special heat treatment that increases its resistance to impact.

The Sail @ Marina Bay, with its cascading effect of reflective and tinted glass, is a residential landmark like no other in scintillating Singapore. Saint-Gobain's family of varied products was put to good effect to help the architectural process sail through effortlessly...