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Revolutionary Glass

Evolving work places

Saint-Gobain Inspire at LinkedIn, Bengaluru

There are offices. There are workplaces. And then there is LinkedIn. How does one even begin to describe the space of work that LinkedIn calls its office at Bengaluru? After all, there is nothing about it that remotely suggests a formal, plain environment that corporate offices have been known for. So far, that is. NOW is a new time to be in, for novel interior ideas to take shape. Now is the time for revolutionary glass for evolving workspaces, with Saint-Gobain Inspire’s Planilaque.

2,30,000 sq.ft. over two floors in the Global Tech Park at Bengaluru, it is easily among the best of the LinkedIn offices, and corporate spaces at large. And why not, Bengaluru is LinkedIn’s largest R&D Centre outside of the US and products that are created here, are implemented globally. On one side there are workstations, meeting rooms, presentation areas, collaboration rooms and interactive work spaces, while on the other, there are gyms, yoga area, cafeteria, play spaces and even sleeping rooms. So collaborative work spaces are aplenty at this centre, with work and play balancing each other out perfectly. At the heart of it all, is a revolutionary glass for this evolving work space.

Planilaque, fromSaint-Gobain’s Inspirerange of innovative interior glass, has glazed 1600 sqm of the interior space at LinkedIn. Extra White and Aqua Blue shades from the Planilaque palette have clothed the writing boards and wall panels respectively, adding more refreshing hints of colour to this colourful workspace. The aesthetics aside, this coloured andlacquered glassis environmentally sensitive; it is free from lead, formaldehyde, copper and arsenic, and contains only marginal amounts of VoC. As a moisture-resistant and scratch-proof glass, it is just right to handle the rigours of an everyday workplace.

The extensive use of Planilaque at LinkedIn reinforces the fact that revolutionary glass for the evolving workspace is the need of the hour. With workplaces transforming more into interactive zones where work and play meet, it is imperative that innovative building resources act as catalysts to this change. As Akshay Kothari, Country Manager and Head of Product, LinkedIn India, puts it “We see the workplace as an enabler to fulfill the professional goals of our employees, transform our organization and deliver more value to our members. Our new office in Bengaluru reflects these beliefs and truly captures the spirit of LinkedIn as an organization. Our innovative office space is intended to instill a sense of belonging amongst our employees, make a happy workplace and contribute to overall productivity.”

Here’s a glimpse of the stunning interiors of LinkedIn…

Image copyrights owned by Padam Interiors.