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Saint-Gobain Glass at Jaypee Hospital, Noida

Glass design enhances healing

The ever evolving architectural space is unveiling newer and better structures everyday, edifices that are more than mere brick and mortar. One of the most revolutionary and in-your-face discernible transformations have come in the healthcare sector. The intimidating hospital is now no longer so, and has given way to a welcoming place that displays the promise to heal. Proudly called Corporate Hospitals, these buildings are also mimicking the ambience of a corporate space, albeit for the better. And it's not just the plush exterior, but more importantly, the indoor built environment that is potentially making a difference to occupant comfort. The Jaypee Hospital at Noida, is a case in point.

The Jaypee Hospital is part of the Jaypee Group, the renowned infrastructure conglomerate. The 1200-bedded flagship hospital was incepted with the vision of providing world-class, yet affordable healthcare in India. With over a million square feet of space, it has been designed to be a model hospital and a benchmark in the healthcare architecture space. Saint-Gobain's advanced solar control glass, Envision, has been used extensively, standing testimony to the project's commitment to best-in-class comfort.

SGG Envision< is a low-E glass best known for its stellar solar control performance and thermal insulation properties. It is more transparent than other solar control glasses, which enables it to give out abundant light transmission. This is especially significant in the hospital as natural daylight helps foster the healing process. SGG Envision was also ideally suited to deliver the other critical factors that are a pre-requisite in the hospital environ, namely occupants' thermal comfort, acoustic comfort, visual delight and energy-efficiency (Envision being a Green Building Glass).

The architectural firm, RSP Architects, leveraged their two-decade experience in building a hospital that is at once an aesthetic delight and a sustainable one as well. By zeroing in on Saint-Gobain Envision, specialized hospital architects from Bangkok and Singapore placed their trust in a product that is respected the world over. The double-glazed facade of the Jaypee Hospital is the face of a new-age architecture that speaks of style, but also of a sensitivity, to the care, comfort and convenience that healthcare needs to be synonymous with.