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Switchable Glass for Office Partitions

Innovative private spaces

SGG Priva-Lite – Switching from opaque to transparent!

An office space is not the most likeliest of places that has room for privacy.

But not any longer! With Saint-Gobain’s Priva-lite, a switchable glass that can transform a transparent mode into an opaque one, the office partition gets a whole new definition and dimension.

A smart glass, SGG Priva-Lite is a laminated, switchable glass comprising two panes of glass, either clear or tinted, and a liquid crystal interlayer film. Its unique technology allows it to be switched from an ordinary-looking clear glass to a whitish translucent glass, ensuring optimal vision control. When the glass is switched off from its special power supply (transformers provided), the liquid crystals are randomly scattered, preventing both sides from seeing through the glass. By switching the glass on, the crystals line up and reorient themselves, turning Priva-Lite totally transparent.




SGG Priva-Lite is an ideal glass for conference room partitions because it enables the choice of transparency or privacy at will, in just the flick of a switch. When it comes to partitioning, Priva-Lite transmits the same quantity of light (approximately 77%) in both opaque and transparent modes. Hence curtains and blinds almost become redundant.




This switchable glass can actually be used instead of a wall, thereby decreasing claustrophobia, increasing interior space and imparting a contemporary look and feel. When complete confidentiality is required, the glass can be turned off, and vice versa when public mode is needed. In fact, it can also be used as a high-definition rear projection screen to display images and videos from a TV or a computer. What’s more, it makes interesting special effects possible by alternating between the transparent and translucent states.




Tested in accordance with the CENELEC European Standard, SGG Priva-Lite meets stringent security requirements. It has a low electric consumption and to enhance the style quotient, it is also available in curved shapes. Priva-Lite comes with a 5 year guarantee.




Hence it’s time to give the office partition a complete makeover – into a space that is sleek and sophisticated – all made possible by simply switching over to the innovative switchable glass, SGG Priva-Lite!

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