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World Environment Day Beat Air Pollution, Breathe Easy

The World Environment Day this year marked an important engagement exercise with nearly 300 of our key stakeholders – architects, interior designers, facade consultants, green consultants and builders. In keeping with the universal theme for this year 'Beat Air Pollution' we centered our campaign theme on #SGGLungsofLife.

The idea was to reiterate the damage done by air pollution and how we can help the earth breathe better - by using Saint-Gobain's EPD-certified products that effectively reduce the carbon footprint, while saving energy. Emphasis was also laid on our low VOC glazing solutions that help maintain better indoor air quality, because air pollution is not restricted to the outdoors alone.

environmental day  

To communicate the fact that cleaner the air, the healthier one's lungs, a lung-power testing meter was handed over to the target audience. It is an apparatus that comprises a mouthpiece, scale & pointer and is used to test one’s lung power. The audience was told to blow into the contraption using their full capacity. Winners were determined based on the reading (which revealed their lung capacity) as indicated by the pointer on the scale. This proved to be an interesting activity as people are known to be eager to participate when it comes to their heath check.

With architects & interior designers in our midst, how could we not leverage their creativity? A design contest was organised wherein they were provided with a canvas, along with seed pencils (which could be planted after use). They were requested to illustrate their take on how to reduce air pollution – sustainable practices to make the world breathe better. These creative sketches/ideas will be displayed at municipal, single teacher schools for students as 'Special Creations from Architects'.


Battling air pollution is an everyday activity. To pursue it consistently, an informative card was given with pointers on how to reduce air pollution and consequently improve the air around us. These included steps like carpooling, eliminating incineration, reducing burning of household solid fuels, etc.

This World Environment Day was yet another opportunity for Saint-Gobain to continue with its relentless pursuit for a greener planet and involve its stakeholders to do the same. With each seed sown, there will not just be a plant in its place but the hope for a better planet...where we will collectively beat air pollution and breathe better.


  environmental day