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Ceebros One 74

Ceebros One 74 is a luxurious sea view residential development located in Chennai. The project offers spacious and skillfully designed 3BHK and 4BHK apartments. Spanning across 5.60 Acres, it comprises 7 centrally air-conditioned towers of 18 story each and is well equipped with all the amenities to facilitate the needs of the occupants.

Design Intent

The architect’s and developer’s foremost need was to identify a glass facade that wouldn’t hinder the magnificent views. Being an on the coast project, the objective was also to reduce the need for heating/cooling.

Building Structure

The project needed a glass solution with neutral appearance, low reflection, optimal visual transmission, excellent thermal insulation all this and more with unhindered views

Versatility of Glass

SGG Planitherm fitted in the project specification seamlessly, just like the last missing piece of the puzzle.


Role of Glass

SGG Planitherm-Pristine White, from Saint-Gobain, an exceptional product, offering pristine views helps occupants enjoy stunning sea views from their residences. Flanked by superior performance and offering respite from thermal heat gain during the day and night, the product redefines the art of glazing, adding comfort to occupants’ lives.

Key Glass Features

This state-of-the-art product is manufactured by the Magnetron Sputtering technology in plasma conditions. The glass is coated with a functional layer – silver, that imparts the product, the property of low emissivity, a basic need for excellent thermal insulation. 

Other SG Products

Besides SGG Planitherm being chosen for windows and façade, Saint-Gobain products were used in other integral parts of the project. SGG Cool Vision, an exclusive clear glass with excellent solar properties was opted for glazing of the stairway facade for sparkling aesthetics. The project is also made vibrant with extensive use of SGG Planilaque, a premium lacquered glass in the lift cabins ensuring a hassle free maintenance.







Product Used

To read more about the state of the art product, click the link below
SGG Planitherm