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Ceramic fritted glass

Ceramic fritted glass is a decorative glass that has glass enamel fused into the glass surface.

For the manufacturing of a ceramic frit glass, Ceramic frit is applied to the glass through a fine mesh screen with glass enamel before the glass is tempered or heat strengthened. On tempering or heat strengthening, the glass enamel fuses with the glass surface and becomes a permanent coating which cannot be damaged or removed by cleaning, scrubbing etc.

Characteristics of Ceramic Printed Glass:

Ceramic frit design and percentage coverage affects the light transmission & solar heat gain of glass. Light frit colors and certain pattern designs can cause enhanced brightness when viewed from indoors under certain daylight and background sky conditions, while dark frit colors will tend to reduce glare.

Benefits of Ceramic Printed Glass

Combining silk-screened glass with clear, tinted, Low-E, or reflective glass, can control light transmittance, reduce solar heat gain and enhance aesthetic & performance characteristics.

Applications of Ceramic Printed Glass

Silk-screened glass can be specified for both exterior and interior applications. When used on building exteriors, the painted surface must be protected from direct contact with the environment and is normally found in an insulating glass unit.

Major applications include semi -transparent and translucent silk-screened glass for interior applications, including glass doors, partitions, handrails, glass ceilings, bathrooms, elevator walls and shower enclosures.

Ceramic frit glass can be used in curtain walls; point fixed or bolted glazing systems, shower installations, glass doors and partitions. The size, density and color would determine the opacity and shading whereas the variety of dots, squares, checks and patterns will give many design combinations to achieve the desired effect.

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