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On-site façade retrofitting solutions

Evolve is an on-site retrofitting solution from Saint-Gobain that imparts to your façade improved glare control, better thermal insulation and acoustic performance.

  • No interruption
    No interruption
  • Single point of contact
  • Analysis
  • Budget [or] costing
    Budget [or] costing


Evolve is a customized solution to improve the efficiency of the façade in terms of energy, comfort & acoustics without disturbing the day to day working of the building It is a revolution in the possibilities in architectural universe.

Evolve comes in two variants; retrofitting an SGU into DGU/IGU and then a DGU into IGU. A laminated triple glazed unit goes a long way in improving the acoustic performance of buildings. Low-e Insulated units improve the selectivity of the façade and light transmission as well, ensuring optimum VLT and excellent energy efficiency. This unique solution from Saint-Gobain has been tailor made for office spaces that cannot afford losing working hours for a retrofitting solution.

A team from Saint-Gobain Research India(SGRI) and technical experts from Saint-Gobain project management team assesses the existing façade, analyses potential for retrofitting the glasses on the existing panel as per the problem statement and ensures that the evolution of the façade happens without any compromise to the working space.

Product application

  • Improved solar heat cut
  • Better thermal insulation
  • Better noise cancellation


  • No interruption in the work environment – No scaffolding or decommissioning the building
  • One-point contact – Saint-Gobain
  • Project specific analysis from the SGRI
  • Minimal cost