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Find the perfect Glass for your building according to your needs, whether you want to choose it on the basis of colour, performance, Return on Investment or by looking at similar projects.

This powerful tool is here to help you with all of these. Let's explore.

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A good solar control glass for a green building must deliver effectively on energy efficiency. The glass must take care of heat gain from direct sunlight and temperature difference between inside and outside of a building.


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Glazing is best known for its ability to convey and complement aesthetics in architecture. Its use exemplifies space, creates a seamless transition between indoors and outdoors, and regulates the amount of light penetration. As the popularity of architectural glazing continues to rise, manufacturers are unveiling a crop of new, innovative products that resolve seemingly irreconcilable structural and aesthetic demands imposed by designers.

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Worried about the initial investment you need to make for energy efficient glass? We are here to steer you clear of your concerns.

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Now you can easily locate India's green buildings. With just one click on the map, get the details of each green building such as its location, architect, consultants, and LEED /GRIHA rating.

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