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Kitchen Shutter - Signature

Sleek and Stylish glass options to add one-of-a-kind style to your kitchen!

Create a fresh and spacious atmosphere inside your kitchen with the extensive range of 26 colours of SGG Planilaque premium lacquered glass.

  • Seamless
  • Humidity proof
    Humidity proof
  • Mould and termite free
    Mould and termite free
  • Sleek and stylish
    Sleek and stylish
  • Highly tested and durable
    Highly tested and durable
  • Low VoC
    Low VoC
  • Easy to clean
    Easy to clean


Saint-Gobain, with its newest offerings of lacquered glass, frames and accessories is all set to breathe new life into interiors, transforming them into elegant showcases of beauty. Keeping in tune with today’s trends, the offerings elevante interiors from being mere spaces of glamour to world-class statements of luxury, with a clash of glass.

The Classic range of Glass Shutters from Saint-Gobain offers options in vibrant colours. The glass used in the Classic range is Saint-Gobain’s premium lacquered glass SGG Planilaque that lends a modern touch.

Product Benefits

Premium Lacquered Glass Scratch and moisture resistant lacquered glass made with world class industrial lacquering process.
Protection from dirt Ultra–thin front extrusion lipping resulting in no dust or dirt infiltration
highly Conforms to the most stringent international standards in providing everlasting colour and sheen.
no stain Scratch and moisture resistant lacquered glass. Easy to clean after any spillovers.
mold Corrosion resistant, high strength anodised aluminum frames which protect kitchen from termites.
sleek 100% glass feel for enhanced visibility with stylish and ergonomic handles.
seamless CNC cut glass for unerring finish with no ‘visible’ screws. Robust and seamless shutter design.
safe Protected glass edges resulting in greater resistance to breakage.


Product application

Kitchen Modular Kitchen
study table Study Tables
Crockery Units Crockery Units
Shelves Shelves
Storage Units Storage Units
Dressing Table Dressing Tables
Entertainments Entertainment Units
Toiletery Units Toiletery Units


The Classic Kitchen

Classic Kitchen

The Timeless Kitchen


Timeless Kitchen

The Vibrant Kitchen

Vibrant Kitchen

The Glamorous Kitchen

Glamorous Kitchen

The Subtle and Stylish Kitchen

Stylish Kitchen


Classic Kitchen Kitchen Shutter - Classic
SGG Wardrobe
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