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Krakow, Poland

Krakow Airport

The Krakow Airport is now the second largest, fastest growing and the most modern airport in Poland.

By flying to Krakow, customers are now set to enjoy an even higher level of service thanks to its new passenger terminal building opened in 2016. With 55 000 square meters of facilities, the Airport is now capable of serving 8 million passengers annually.

Designed by APA Czech Duliński Wróbel Architects, the idea was to make the new terminal front a recognizable sign identifying Krakow Airport. Thus, they decided to build the facade in the form of a glass prism with significantly tilted front, additionally covered with a copper rooftop. The design of the building allows adding, not only a higher dynamic and expression to the Airport, but also rational, functional and technical solutions for the sunlit facade. Moreover, the use of greenish prepatinated copper in the facade was meant to emphasize the effect of architectural identification.

Impressive architectural projects for Kraków Airport that will further improve the standard of the services offered to the passengers, and enable to answer the new airport premises.

Product Used

While choosing performance materials for the building, the new terminal prevents from undesired heat gains and minimizes the use of energy-consuming air-conditioning systems.

For its facade, Saint-Gobain was happy to provide his latest innovation in glass for Facade with SGG XTREME 60/28 product which has the highest selectivity (the ratio of visible light to solar heat gain) in the Infinity range while offering advanced thermal insulation properties.

Flooding the terminal with light, while benefiting from excellent solar control and thermal insulation properties were important criteria for the Airport as they needed to minimize the negative effects of sunlight operation on the south side. Choosing a high performance glazing for its facade is a way to improve the comfort of the passengers.