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Mirror Mounting Tape

Instant Hassle-Free Mirror fixing

A fast fixing must-have for all glass applications that gives long-lasting results

  • Saves time
    Saves time
  • More Savings
    More Savings
  • Safe to install
  • Easy glass installation
    Easy glass installation


SGG Glassmate Mirror Mounting tape uses Polyethylene foam for higher durability. It has lower foam compression to accommodate undulations in the substrate. The recommended substrates upon which the mounting tapes can be used are all types of glass, plywood, MDF board, fibre cement and tiles.

It has high bond strength, high peel strength and high shear strength. The support time required is 10 minutes. The Mirror Mounting tape works at high temperatures and is UV resistant. By using SGG Glassmate Mirror Mounting tapes, you are freed from harmful Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).

Product application

Mirror Mounting tape can be used for the following applications:

  • Mirror mounting
  • Weather Sealing

Performance Table

Parameter SGG Glassmate Mirror Mounting tape Other Branded Tapes
Foam type Polyethylene (PE) Polyurethane (PU)/Acrylic
UV-resistance Yes (does not yellow) No (tendency to yellow over time)
Bond strength 250 kPa 100-220 kPa
Thickness 1.5 mm 0.9 mm – 1.5 mm
Compressibility Low (maintains thickness even after glass installation) High (compresses after glass installation)