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654 PPM! Purity ka Perfect Measure

What is 654PPM glass from Saint-Gobain?

The iron content in Silica-sand, a key raw material in making of glass determines the quality of glass. The iron content is measured in PPM – Parts per Million. Lower the iron content, clearer and purer is the glass. By bringing down the iron content to just 654 PPM with the help of manufacturing efficiency and technological advancement, Saint-Gobain brings to you Clearly, the Purest Glass.


To check the clarity and purity of any glass, one needs to see it sideways. Just tilt the glass to check its tint. The lesser the greenish tint of the glass, the higher will be its Clarity and Purity.

And we have made it easier for you to remember the correct method of checking glass. Dekho..Magar Side Se!

Benefits of 654 PPM Glass

Clear Glass with 654 PPM brings to you-

  • Extreme Clarity
  • Unmatched Purity

The quality of a Glass is determined by the function of its Clarity and Purity. Hence with 654 PPM Clear Glass from Saint-Gobain, you get a quality like never before.

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Do the “Dekho.. Magar Side Se” test and look out for the Saint-Gobain 654 logo on the glass (shown to your left) to be sure that you’re using the best glass in class

How does it improve our other products?

All the manufacturing plants in India of Saint-Gobain will only make the glass of 654 PPM grade. Apart from the Clear Glass that is sold widely in the Indian market, Saint-Gobain also manufactures various products using the raw Clear Glass. Two important products that are made out of this raw clear glass are Mirrors and Shower Enclosures. Mirrors made out of this 654 PPM Clear Glass, bring to your sharper and clearer reflections. Shower Enclosures with 654 PPM Clear Glass ensure that the bath spaces remain as pristine as ever.

When buying a Mirror or planning to get Shower Enclosures installed always insist on Saint-Gobain 654 PPM Clear Glass.

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