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Sage Glass

Electrochromic glass that tints on demand

SageGlass is an electrochromic glass that can adapt to the external environment by changing the tint level. It tints automatically or on demand to control sunlight, without shades or blinds, maintaining your connection to the outdoors and reducing energy consumption. Through an ability to respond to changing light and heat, this glass opens myriad possibilities in design and performance of facades


SAGEGLASS is an innovative electrochromic glass that can tint on demand allowing an unparalleled control on indoor environment and design possibilities. SAGEGLASS can respond to the exterior conditions and adjust the tint and performance to maximize comfort and energy efficiency. By extension, SAGEGLASS, through unique control systems that can manage light, glare and energy usage, eliminates the traditional sun control systems that rely on human supervision. SAGEGLASS is a fundamental shift in the way we experience buildings and a revolution in the possibilities in architectural universe.



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