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At Saint-Gobain, we are constantly working towards designing and developing products that deliver well-being consistently. With changing seasons and increasingly dynamic climatic conditions, there is a greater need for architecture that adapts to the world around and focuses on occupant’s comfort. One such product that architects have in their armour today is SGG Equinox It is a result of meticulous research, and is the need of the hour. SGG Equinox, provides the twin benefits of optimum light transmission for tropical conditions and excellent thermal comfort across all seasons.

  • Energy efficient
    Energy efficient
  • Aesthetics
  • Optimum daylight
    Optimum daylight


SGG Equinox is inspired by the Equinox phenomenon, when the duration of day and night are approximately equal across the globe. Equinox occurs twice a year - Vernal Equinox around March 21st and Autumnal Equinox around September 22nd. When this happens, it not only provides the right amount of light for wellbeing of the habitat but also ensures excellent thermal comfort.


Typically, the duration of day/night varies throughout the year in different parts of the world. In a tropical country like India, there is abundant daylight for almost 10 months a year which causes visual discomfort to the occupants. Hence there is a need to optimize the light entering the building to avoid glare. Buildings with poor insulation allow more heat inside during sunny days and disperse more heat to the atmosphere during winter due to differential temperature.


There’s more to this. Typically, longer days mean more light and longer nights equate to less of it.; both tend to have a negative impact on the habitat. Shorter days shorten the amount of time spent on outdoor activities, weaken the ability to learn and process information and result in lesser productivity at work. On the other hand, longer days’ release excess melatonin hormone which causes sleep deprivation and disturbs the sleep cycle.


SGG Equinox was hence developed to counter all these issues and ensure the ideal combination of optimum light and thermal comfort for wellbeing.


Why Optimum Light Transmission is necessary


  • Too much light & too little light cause visual discomfort to occupants


Increasing trend of high WWR allows more than required light inside along with glare; Leads to usage of curtains & shifting to redundant artificial lighting.


SGG Equinox optimizes the high external lux levels, Protects occupants from harsh glare, thereby enabling visual comfort and Reduces the usage of blinds, thereby creating better connect with the external world


Why Thermal Comfort is essential


  • Buildings with better thermal insulation allow less heat inside during hot days and retain more heat during cold days


SGG Equinox provides excellent thermal insulation (U value – 1.6, SF – 0.19) cuts out more than 80% of direct solar radiation, restricts heat loss through glazing during winters, ensures better thermal comfort throughout the year.


SGG Equinox can be used in any place that demands optimum light with thermal comfort. It is particularly suitable for Facades, Skylights and buildings with high WWR.

SGG Equinox range is ideal for buildings that have higher window to wall Ratios. SGG Equinox not only conforms to the exacting norms of Green Buildings - LEED, IGBC and TERI - GRIHA, but also surpasses;the laid down standards. SGG Equinox comes with neutral appearance, thereby providing soothing & sophisticated look to facades.


  • Configuration: 6mm – 12mm Air Gap – 6mm
  • Visual light transmission – 30 %
  • Solar factor – 0.19
  • External reflection – 13%
  • Internal reflection – 10 %
  • U value – 1.6


Available in 6mm and 8mm thicknesses (10 and 12mm thickness available on request)

Jumbo sizes available as well


Double Glazing
Product Transmission (%) External Reflection (%) Internal Reflection (%) Solar Factor (SHGC/SF) Shading Co-efficient (SC) U-Value (W/Sq.m K)
SGG Equinox N 30 13 10 0.19 0.22 1.6
SGG Equinox G 25 10 10 0.16 0.19 1.6
SGG Equinox B 19 8 10 0.15 0.17 1.6