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SGG Harmony product range is manufactured by the Magnetron Sputtering technology in plasma conditions. Its functional layer of silver, imparts the property of low emissivity, a basic need for excellent thermal insulation. 

  • Energy efficient
    Energy efficient
  • Optimum daylight
    Optimum daylight


Life is all about striking the right balance. Whether it is work-life balance, food-fitness balance, passion-profession balance, so on and so forth. We are all constantly striving to seek that perfect harmony in the things that we do all along. So, when Saint-Gobain was in the midst of researching for a new product range that sought to bring the perfect balance between light and heat, there was no word better than to call it Harmony.

India is a tropical country with illuminance of around one Lakh lux outside. It's a paradox that abundant natural light ensures wellbeing of habitat, whereas excess light brings in glare which causes visual discomfort to the occupants. Moreover, WWR (Window to Wall Ratio) of buildings is increasing at a significant rate these days which in turn lets in excess daylight and hence the need for a glass solution that optimises light transmission to prevent glare and ensure visual comfort as well as cooler interiors with heat insulation. To address this, a signature product, SGG Harmony with optimum VLT (Visual Light Transmission) and high performance was engineered that will strike the perfect balance of heat and light, so you need not choose one over the other. Rather, you get to have the best of both, thus leading to occupant comfort.

SGG Harmony range is ideal for today's buildings where there is a need to optimize the high external lux levels, thus giving the occupant the benefit of optimum daylight while protecting them from the harsh glare.

These glasses have a significant benefit on the energy efficiency of the building by optimizing the amount of light that can be allowed in and minimizing the requirement of artificial lighting and reducing the cooling needs.


  • Facades
  • Structural glazing
  • Windows
  • Skylights


Available in 5,6 and 8 mm thicknesses (10 and 12 mm thickness available on request)

Jumbo sizes available as well


Double Glazing
Product Transmission External Reflection (%) Internal Reflection (%) Solar Factor (SHGC/SF) Shading Co-efficient (SC) U-Value (W/Sq.m K)
Clear Harmony 24 23 16 0.21 0.24 1.7
Green Harmony 20 17 16 0.16 0.19 1.7
Blue Harmony 15 12 16 0.15 0.17 1.7