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SGG Kopper

SGG Kopper, is the new addition to the Saint Gobain's palette of golden shades. An elegant copper gold tint that endows your facades with an unmatched visual grandeur, along with advanced solar control performance  

  • Advanced solar protection
    Advanced solar protection
  • Optimum daylight
    Optimum daylight
  • Aesthetics
  • Visual light transmission
    Visual light transmission


Saint-Gobain introduces 'Kopper Gold', a new shade of gold to its existing golden palette. Like the name suggests, this variant is inspired by the reddish brown tint of copper. Kopper Gold brings together the resemblance of copper with the richness of gold that allow architectural pieces to exude a rare elegance. The sophisticated colour is perfect for those looking to spell royalty without the in-your-face element of typical gold.


Kopper Gold is manufactured using the state-of-the-art magnetron process. As an energy efficient glass, it curtails the amount of heat getting transmitted into the building while letting in ample daylight. This helps in substantial savings in terms of energy costs. Along with natural lighting, it also arrests visual glare that tends to cause discomfort to occupants. Further, Kopper Gold ensures protection from hazardous UV rays, provides unhindered exteriors views and privacy at the same time.



Kopper Gold is a high performance glass with advanced solar control, thermal insulation and optimum daylighting properties that blends performance with its aesthetically elegant copper colour.



Kopper Gold is flexible for use as SGU as well as DGU in applications like structural glazing, façade glazing, bolted system, curtain walling and / or windows / fenestration.



Available in 5, 6 and 8mm thicknesses (10 and 12mm thickness available on request)

Jumbo sizes available as well



Single Glazing
Product Light Transmission (%) External Reflection (%) Internal Reflection (%) Solar Factor (SHGC/SF) Shading Co-efficient (SC) U-Value (W/Sq.m K)
SGG Kopper 31 11 33 0.43 0.49 4.9

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