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SGG Nano

Advanced solar control and thermal insulation glass

SGG Nano is a product which confluences the best of aesthetics, practical transparency, comfort and optimum lighting features that will surely raise your building’s appeal. Apart from these, it offers good color rendering which helps you have a clear inside out-vision while the exterior façade shines in its sheer brilliance.

  • Visual light transmission
    Visual light transmission
  • ECBC compliant
    ECBC compliant
  • Colour rendering
    Colour rendering
  • Low emissivity
    Low emissivity
  • Advanced solar protection
    Advanced solar protection
  • Thermal insulation
    Thermal insulation
  • High selectivity
    High selectivity


If you’ve been looking for an ideal sustainable glazing solution that would be apt for all seasons, then let your hunt end at SGG Nano. A classic aesthetically appealing glass, SGG Nano is not just beautiful to look at, but it’s beautiful to use too, as its environment friendly and helps reduce the energy consumption.

A treat to designers and architects alike, it comes with a neutral appearance, with special properties like high light transmission capability, solar control and availability in various colors. 

Not just a beauty to look at, but useful too, SGG Nano is a high performance coated glass with advanced energy efficient solar control and thermal insulation (low-e) properties. The glass is manufactured by Magnetron Spluttering Technology in plasma conditions. In fact, this is the reason, why SGG Nano comes with properties like low emissivity and excellent thermal insulation! 

SGG Nano is now available in Jumbo sizes that enables facades with large panes and you will never have to compromise on the view again! Besides, it also complies with prescribed LEED, TERI, GRIHA, and ECBC norms and thereby helps your building gain points for green ratings.  

Product application

The product is flexible to be used in:

  • Façades 
  • Structural glazing
  • Windows
  • Skylights


  • SGG Nano Icy Menthol (KT 140)
  • SGG Nano Tropica Green (KT 440)
  • SGG Nano Twilight Blue (KT 740)
  • SGG Nano Moon Shine (KT 155)
  • SGG Nano Olive (KT 455)
  • SGG Nano Misty Blue (KT 755)
  • SGG Nano Icy Menthol (KT 164)
  • SGG Nano Citron Frost (KT 464)
  • SGG Nano Blue Horizon (KT 764)

Performance Table

Product values given for 6mm | Luminous and Solar Characteristics are determined as per EN 410 | Thermal transmittance is determined as per EN 673

Double Glazing
Product Visual comfort Visual comfort Visual comfort Thermal comfort Thermal comfort Thermal comfort
Product Visual light transmission (%) External Reflection (%) Internal Reflection (%) Solar Factor (SF / SHGC) Shading co-efficient (SC) U-value (W/m2K)
SGG Icy Menthol KT 140 37 23 12 0.29 0.33 1.8
SGG Nano Moon Shine KT 155 47 17 11 0.38 0.43 1.9
SGG Nano Winter Mist KT 164 57 14 10 0.47 0.54 1.9
SGG Nano Tropica Green KT 440 31 17 12 0.22 0.25 1.8
SGG Nano Olive KT 455 39 13 10 0.27 0.31 1.9
SGG Nano Citron Frost KT 464 47 11 10 0.33 0.37 1.9
SGG Nano Twilight Blue KT 740 24 12 12 0.2 0.22 1.8
SGG Nano Misty Blue KT 755 30 10 10 0.24 0.28 1.9
SGG Nano Blue Horizon KT 764 36 8 9 0.29 0.33 1.9
SGG Nano Silver