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SGG Nano Silver

Energy efficient, silver glass

SGG Nano Silver is an advanced solar control and thermal insulation low-e glass which exudes a unique metallic silver finish that complements your design. A premium energy-efficient glass, SGG Nano Silver has its appeal in aesthetics and performance. It is truly an immaculate blend for signature architecture.

  • Aesthetics
  • Low emissivity
    Low emissivity
  • Optimum daylight
    Optimum daylight
  • Privacy
  • Visual light transmission
    Visual light transmission
  • Advanced solar protection
    Advanced solar protection


A glass for perfectionists, SGG Nano Silver is a low-e glass which comes with a unique silver metallic finish. It’s a beautiful glass that can turn any dull façade into a shining marvel. High on aesthetics and performance, it’s a glass that is not just beautiful to look at, but is also one that provides the necessary advanced solar protection along with thermal insulation.

A state-of-the art product, this glass is manufactured using Magnetron Spluttering Technology in plasma conditions that imparts to it a silver finish, which further gives any edifice that minimalistic, sophisticated look.

A fine product that’s made with finesse, it’s a perfect solution for those who want a glass with high performance, without compromising on the aesthetics. Good news is that it also comes in jumbo sizes, which means that you’ll never have to compromise on the view ever again!

Product application

A splendid product, it’s a glass that can turn around the look and feel of any façade. With its unique silver finish, it’s suitable to be used for:

  • Facades
  • Structural glazing
  • Windows


  • Shine (KS138 II)
  • Echo (KS 438 II)
  • Ultramarine (KS 738 II)
  • Chroma (KS 146 II)
  • Celeste (KS 446 II)
  • Lagoon (KS 746 II)

Performance Table

Product values given for 6mm | Luminous and Solar Characteristics are determined as per EN 410 | Thermal transmittance is determined as per EN 673

Double Glazing
Product Visual comfort Visual comfort Visual comfort Thermal comfort Thermal comfort Thermal comfort
Product Visual light transmission (%) External Reflection (%) Internal Reflection (%) Solar Factor (SF / SHGC) Shading co-efficient (SC) U-value (W/m2K)
SGG Nano Silver Shine KS 138 II 36 38 20 0.26 0.30 1.6
SGG Nano Silver Chroma KS 146 II 42 33 19 0.29 0.34 1.6
SGG Nano Silver Echo KS 438 II 30 28 20 0.20 0.23 1.6
SGG Nano Silver Celeste KS 446 II 35 24 19 0.23 0.26 1.6
SGG Nano Silver Ultramarine KS 738 II 23 18 20 0.18 0.21 1.6
SGG Nano Lagoon KS 746 II 27 16 19 0.20 0.23 1.6
SGG Nano