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SGG Planitherm

Low- e glass with thermal insulation

SGG Planitherm is a low-e glass manufactured using magnetic enhanced cathodic sputtering under vaccum conditions.

Being a low-e glass, SGG Planitherm, reflects most of the long-wave heat radiations allowing for maximum thermal comfort. SGG Planitherm comes with qualities of excellent light transmission and low reflections, which allows maximum light penetration through the glass and provides impeccable clarity.

  • Visual light transmission
    Visual light transmission
  • Clarity
  • Thermal insulation
    Thermal insulation


SGG Planitherm is an advanced thermal insulation glass owing to the low-e coating that allows for excellent thermal insulation providing optimum comfort in the living space.

SGG Planitherm is a world class product that is manufactured using Magnetron Spluttering technology in plasma conditions, which imparts it excellent solar control and thermal insulation ensuring optimum comfort of the occupant.

SGG Planitherm also allows for very low reflections, a quality that further helps in allowing maximum light penetration through the glass and provides impeccable clarity. With SGG Planitherm, you can enjoy multifold benefits like - energy savings, thermal comfort along with a seamless aesthetic to your facade!

Product application

SGG Planitherm is best suited to be used in:

  • Windows
  • Skylights
  • Small to medium façades


  • SGG Nano Icy Menthol (KT 140)
  • SGG Nano Tropica Green (KT 440)
  • SGG Nano Twilight Blue (KT 740)
  • SGG Nano Moon Shine (KT 155)
  • SGG Nano Olive (KT 455)
  • SGG Nano Misty Blue (KT 755)
  • SGG Nano Icy Menthol (KT 164)
  • SGG Nano Citron Frost (KT 464)
  • SGG Nano Blue Horizon (KT 764)

Performance - SGG Planitherm

Product values given for a DGU with 6 mm clear glass-12 mm air gap-6 mm | Luminous and Solar Characteristics are determined as per EN 410 | Thermal transmittance is determined as per EN 673

Double Glazing
Product Visual comfort Visual comfort Visual comfort Thermal comfort Thermal comfort Thermal comfort
Product Visual light transmission (%) External Reflection (%) External Internal Reflection (%) Internal Solar Factor (SF / SHGC) Shading co-efficient (SC) U-value (W/m2K)
SGG Planitherm Neutral PLTT 75 12 12 0.57 0.66 1.8
SGG Planitherm Green PLT TG 62 9 11 0.4 0.46 1.8
SGG Planitherm Blue PLT TB 48 7 11 0.35 0.4 1.8
SGG Nano
SGG Envision