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SGG Rosa

A touch of Rose, the dawn of a new world

SGG Rosa is a high-performance glass with a golden rose hue. This is a solar control glass that offers superior performance for residential spaces as well as commercial spaces.


  • Aesthetics
  • Summer comfort


Drape your business spaces and residential spaces with the elegance of SGG Rosa and transform them into creations of panache.

Bring home the beauty of SGG Rosa, to make your abode a showcase of elegance.

SGG Rosa offers you a touch of luxury and lets you enjoy the latest trend in the construction market. The golden rose hue is here to set the trend ablaze, redefining preciousness wherever it goes. Get ready to witness the dawn of a whole new world with all eyes on it.

Performance values

The values are for 5 mm thickness

Single Glazing
Visual light transmission External Reflection Internal Reflection Solar Factor Shading Coefficient U-Value (W/sq.m.K)
31 10 33 0.44 0.51 4.9

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