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SGG Xtreme

Low-e glass with thermal insulation

SGG Xtreme is an extremely selective high-performance glass with three functional layers of silver, that offers advanced solar control and advanced thermal insulation.


SGG Xtreme, the latest innovation in commercial glazing from Saint-Gobain Glass, has an extremely selective solar control coating owing to the three functional layers of Silver which allows for maximum heat cut while retaining an extremely neutral appearance.

Allow light in and keep heat out by using SGG Xtreme in facades, offices, schools, and atriums to create light, airy spaces which are comfortable all year round.

SGG Xtreme is an offline coated glass manufactured by magnetron sputtering deposition under vacuum conditions onto float glass.

Product Application

SGG Planitherm is best suited to be used in:

  • Windows
  • Facades
  • Skylights


  • Due to the triple layers of silver, the selectivity (the ratio of visible light against solar energy) is higher than 2
  • One of the most energy efficient solar control glass product available in the market
  • Optimum light transmission to create brighter interiors and year round natural lighting
  • Low reflection and neutral aspect makes it the ideal product for modern architecture


  • SGG Xtreme 50/22 II
  • SGG Xtreme 60/28 II
  • SGG Xtreme 70/33 II

Performance - SGG Xtreme

Product values given for a DGU with 6 mm clear glass-12 mm air gap-6 mm | Luminous and Solar Characteristics are determined as per EN 410 | Thermal transmittance is determined as per EN 673

Product Visual comfort Visual comfort Visual comfort Thermal comfort Thermal comfort Thermal comfort
Visual light transmission (%) Reflection (%) External Reflection (%) Internal Solar Factor (SF / SHGC) Shading co-efficient (SC) U-value (W/m2K)
SGG Xtreme 50/22 II 47 16 18 0.21 0.25 1.5
SGG Xtreme 60/28 II 60 14 17 0.28 0.32 1.5
SGG Xtreme 70/33 II 69 11 13 0.33 0.38 1.5
SGG Envision SGG Envision

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