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Saint-Gobain Shower Enclosures

The luxurious Bathing Experience

When you feel a powerful yet soothing caress of water cascading down your body, elevating your spirits to refresh and rejuvenate you, you are living one of life’s greatest pleasures: a luxury shower.

And what better way to indulge in this uplifting experience than being ensconced in an exclusive range of Saint-Gobain’s shower cubicles.

This magnificent range of shower cubicles is manufactured and tested by our experts who ensure stringent quality tests to deliver unparalleled safety and performance. Glass used in this range of shower cubicles is subjected to the Heat-Soak Test and is verified to stand extreme heat and moisture conditions.

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Why Saint-Gobain

  • Glass

    Solid, leak-proof glass. Tru-thick promise- Right glass in the right thickness

  • Layouts

    Extensive range- Over 200 creative possibilities - to suit any space, any size.

  • Fixtures

    Range of chrome-plated brass hinges enhance their beauty and safety

  • Installation

    Installation by trained professionals. Strict adherence to safety standards

  • Process

    Glass subjected to the Heat-Soak Test, and verified to stand extreme heat and moisture conditions.

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The Design Series

The Design series is a range of clear and patterned glass shower cubicles.

The thoughtful design allows ample daylight into the bathing area ensuring privacy and brightness at the same time.

The Fresh Series

The Fresh is an elegant range of shower cubicles that offer matchless permanence. Classy and spotless, these are crafted to evoke the feeling of your first shower – always.

An ever-sheen feature (non-corrosive) adds to their beauty, making the bathing experience a highly pleasurable one.

The Pure Series

The Pure series is a range of extra-clear glass shower cubicles that redefine transparency and offer matchless clarity.

Designed to enhance spaciousness, this stunning range makes bathroom spaces seem virtually seamless.

The Reflect Series

Owing to a special mirror finish, this unique one-way vision shower cubicle enhances visual depth and openness of bathroom spaces, making them appear larger.

The Tone Series

The TONE series is an exclusive range of tinted glass shower cubicles. Consistent panel colour and world-class aesthetics, match up to themes of any interiors, elevating a bath zone to a rejuvenation space.

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Types of Layouts

Open layout
Sliding layout