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Ensuring that the glass thickness is sufficient to take the applied load is one of the very critical aspects when it comes to designing the building and selecting materials for your façade/ Window. But most of the times, this involves a lot of graphs, tables, charts, equations, which are there in the design standards. Imagine if you have a simplified tool that reduces the effort taken in this analysis where you can enter the panel size and wind load and the tool runs the calculations and suggests if the particular thickness is safe or not. Best part – all this within seconds. Now we have our Glass Wizard Software available for download on registration, which can be used in your desktop and understand at the initial level whether the considered thickness is safe or not.


Another aspect of glass selection for your facades comes when you need to understand the relative savings in heat gain and return of investment when it comes to investing on a better glass for your façade. Glass Wizard has a Payback Analyser widget which asks for basic inputs like the amount of glazing on each direction of the building, type of chiller, no. of hours of operation of the building, type of the building, Location of the projects etc. and does this analysis for you. You can export a payback report which gives a preliminary understanding of return of investment and payback based on savings in electricity by using Saint Gobain’s state-of-the-art Solar control and Thermal insulation products. Glass Wizard Payback Analyser can help you compare upto 3 products against a base case , based on which you can benchmark and choose the best glass for your façade.


Glass Wizard is a Windows desktop application and it works on both 32 bit and 64 bit operating systems. The Tool is user friendly and easy to install and you can start understanding the behaviour of glass from Structural and Energy saving aspects.

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