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Planilaque Huestreet 2.0

Experiences create the mind, spaces create experiences and colours create spaces. Architects and designers weave wonders with their craft, and Saint-Gobain has always tried to help them create the magic through innovative material. The new SGG Planilaque lacquered glass paints spaces in a rainbow of colours, adding life and vigour to homes and beyond, and here’s your chance to show how you’ve used it to create your masterpiece.

Enter, Huestreet 2.0! A competition that aims to bring to the limelight innovations with colours of planilaque, this platform has been curated specially to showcase innovation, and help it reach a wider audience through features and publications. The lacquered Planilaque can be interpreted in many forms- art installations, functional design and amalgamations of both. The aesthetic of Planilaque adds a different charm to the design intervention, taking it from a beautiful installation to a magnificent showpiece. Architects and designers from over the country have used it to create spectacular spaces.

Architects and Designers have used the colours of Planilaque to elevate residence designs to new levels. As a prelude to the World Habitat Day celebrations on October 4th, Saint-Gobain is inviting innovative designs for Huestreet 2.0, a celebration of Planilaque in residential and commercial spaces. Coincidentally, 4th October is also World Architecture Day! Show us your magnum opus made using Planilaque and stand a chance to get your project professionally photographed, published in a leading newspaper / architectural magazine, SG’s social media, blogs and win great prizes!

Do not restrict yourself in thinking of possible applications of the planilaque glass in any way. We have a material and an opportunity that gives you complete freedom to break stereotypes and create something that has never been attempted before.

Sky's the limit, paint it with the colours of Planilaque!.

Contest Rules

  • logo Entries for the contest to be submitted online upon registration
  • logo Upload up to 2 sheets of your innovative projects/ideas that include usage of SGG Planilaque lacquered glass.
  • logo You can submit your ideas as rendered images, photographs, captions, sketches etc. Title your entry/design intervention
  • logo Include a short description of the design idea/concept/product/service (upto 150 words) while uploading your entries in the submission page
  • logoUpload a single ZIP/PDF/JPG submissions of up to 5 MB per entry
  • logo Name your submission file as < Name_City_Title > Example: Ritika_Pune_SafetyWall

Design Intervention:

  • The entry needs to come under either the residential or commercial category.
  • The entry is not limited to a specific type of design- it can be art installations, functional furniture, showcases, etc.
  • Participants are encouraged to propose an innovative and aesthetic use of planilaque, which adds functional and/or aesthetic value to the space chosen in a creative way.
  • Entries may display use of SGG Planilaque in an already completed project or as conceptual designs for a proposed one, focusing on interior spaces.
  • Participants are encouraged to use at least 2 different colours from the Planilaque palette of colours

For more information on SGG Planilaque, please visit: https://in.saint-gobain-glass.com/sites/in.saint-gobain-glass.com/planilaque-flipbook/


  • Contest is open to individual participants from the design and architecture fraternity.
  • Multiple entries may be sent by an individual.
  • There are no restrictions on the number of entries/participants from a design firm.

Submission Format:

  • It is an online submission. You would have received a link upon registration for upload.
  • Upload upto 2 Sheets of projects/ideas using SGG Planilaque lacquered glass innovatively using the range of colours to the maximum. Your entry may include rendered images, photographs, captions, sketches etc. Have a title for your entry/design intervention.
  • Include a short description of the design idea/concept/product/service (upto 150 words).
  • Graphical representation preferred
  • Please upload PDF/JPG submissions of upto 5MB per entry. Name your submission file as . Example: Ritika_Pune_LivingWallArt


  • By entering the contest you are giving Saint-Gobain the permission to use the submission in total or in part on their website and social media platforms with due credit given to you.

Evaluation Criteria:

  • Originality/Innovation
  • Clarity and comprehensibility of the design
  • Interpretation and application of Planilaque
  • Functional and Aesthetic addition to existing space through the intervention
  • Practical feasibility

The entries will be adjudicated by a panel of experts

Important Dates:

  • Registrations Open    : 1st August 2021
  • Submission Deadline    : 20th September 2021
  • Results Announcement    : 04th October 2021


  • First Prize    : Worth INR 1,00,000
  • A chance to get your project professionally photographed and featured

  • Second Prize    : Worth INR 75,000
  • Third Prize    : Worth INR 50,000
  • Jury Commendations : Worth INR 5,000 each

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